Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Noises Downstairs

A new wedded couples who lived one floor above was always disturbed by the downstairs neighbor who had a habit of slamming the door and talked very loudly in the early morning and late at night.

A few days later, the couples decided to file a complaint. They hurried to the management office and demanded an explanation. The man in charge was reluctant to entertain them. But after much pressure, he finally told them the sad story of the family downstairs.

Apparently the family had met with an accident and only the mother and her little boy were left alive. The mother was paralyzed and very ill. The little boy had to rush to school very early in the morning because it was a distance away. Then he had to work in various odd jobs and came home late.

The couples relented and they felt very sorry for the family.

One night, they didn't hear the usual slamming door and loud noise. Instead, they heard the boy cried softly. They rushed downstairs and knocked on the door.

The little boy opened the door, wiping away his tears. The couples asked what had happened.

The little boy apologized for slamming the door and making loud noise every day and night. Apparently the mother was having difficulties seeing and hearing. The noises were supposed to inform the mother that he was going out and coming in. Then he told them that they would not hear the noises again since the mother had died.

The couples were moved to tears. They mourned for the family..... and they decided to help in the funeral and burial expenses.


Salute said...

Great, but sad story. We never really know what is going on behind others closed doors.

ROSILIE said...

This is indeed a sad story. Nothing is more painful than seeing the kids in extreme pain.

Mom said...

How quickly we jump to conclusions and anger without ever considering the truth.

How sad for that poor child.

Wiggy said...

What a moving story :(

Sandy said...

How sad, hits too close to home right now for me, as my Mother just died a week ago.

Is your story a true one? If not, you're most creative.

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yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Sad stories happen everywhere and everyday. We behold them emotionally and seek not to create any. But just how many lend a helping hand?