Friday, February 27, 2009

Children, You Have Lost Your Dreams

Children, remember your dreams?
  • If only I am bigger and stronger, I will not let anyone bully me, my family and my friends.
  • If only I am richer, I will buy everything I desire, including properties, love and power.
  • If only I am cleverer, I will study hard and score excellent results in any and every examination.
  • If only I have more time, I will do more for my life, my family and my friends.
  • If only I am more famous, I will want everyone to respect me and honor me, my family and my friends.

Now that you have grown up and are ready,
  • You are bigger and stronger now, are you keeping watch and protecting yourself, your family and your friends? Or are you bringing harm to yourself and others?
  • You are richer now, do you provide for yourself and others? Or are you wasting your life away?
  • You are cleverer now, are you excellent learners and high achievers? Or are you lazy and not giving a damn about your future?
  • You can manage your time now, are you pathing your way to succeed? Or are you wasting much time dreaming, playing, sleeping, and simply doing nothing?
  • You are more famous now, both in school and the local communities, are you honorable and respectable among your family, your friends and the people around? Or are you trouble-makers, disrupting and destroying the peace and harmony of the people?
As it is, year after year, your parents try their best to provide for you, your teachers try their best to educate you, and everyone has high regard for you and assist you, anticipating what you can contribute to the world we live. Do you see what we see? Have you treasured the time and effort we have spent for you?

As it is, many of us are frustrated and disheartened to behold the younger generation today. They lack the desires and inclination to grow bigger, stronger, richer, and cleverer. They waste much time detrimenting their health and degrading their quality of life. They are no more the innocent boys and girls that we know. They are no longer the honorable and respectable future generation that we yearn for.

Children, when and where and how have you lost your dreams?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Bad To Be a Teacher, huh

Some of us desire to live a rich and satisfying life. Some love to help and want to find a meaningful career where they can serve. And some just cannot let a day passes without some fun and entertainment. Now, if you are seriously considering a proper career, I would suggest you take up teaching. LOL.

Teaching is fun and fulfilling. Through teaching
  • We can share the knowledge and wisdom we have learned. We can also continue to further our study and be a master of our own trade.
  • We can live in peace and harmony with others, where love, joy and hope abound. There is less grumbling and disputing spirit here. Everyone is putting up a nice and cheerful face, and walk and dance elegantly.
  • We become well-organized, living a comfortable and a settled lifestyle, and manage everything well.
And teaching is satisfying. Through teaching,
  • We can live in tune with our nature. We can enjoy the clean air, and the refreshing, peaceful, and well-balanced environment. Here we can spend time thinking, pondering, meditating, and managing all our plans and decisions.
  • We can work freely on our own with minimum supervision and interference from our bosses and supervisors. We can work on a variety of approach based on our creativity and logical thinking.
  • We can feel a sense of accomplishment in everything we do. Our every endeavor is gearing toward the benefits of all. And the fact that our achievements are recognized and well received by the local communities make us well respected everywhere we go.
  • We can show good examples to others, especially to our children and students.
Teaching is meaningful. Through teaching,
  • We can spread the rich knowledge of the world.
  • We can instill in our younger generation the basic needs to survive.
  • We can work on their knowledge, and their thinking and learning skills.
  • And we can bring up a generation of people who apprepriate God and their surroundings.
If you haven’t noticed yet, most teachers are contented with their lives.
  • They are contented with their reasonable salary. They can still live a rich and comfortable life.
  • They are contented with the nature of their work. They can spend quality time with their family.
  • They are contented with their family. Somehow their children love to read, and strive to excel in their study. And their spouse is happy too, knowing that he or she is always around.
Not bad, huh, to be a teacher.

I think I will enjoy teaching for yet another few years more.

Will you care to join me?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Can I Look More Confident

Some teachers walk around the school with an air of confidence. They are well-respected by the students. And their fellow teachers and other non-teaching staffs speak highly of them. Whatever they say or do, they will pay special attention.

What is the secret of their confidence?

Some say it is the way they behave. They are always friendly and kind. They are patient and not easily provoked. They look optimistic and enthusiastic. They stay energetic and focused. And they are always loving and helpful.

Some say it is the way they look. They look directly into the eyes to show their enthusiasm. They don't shy away and they don't appear arrogant. They appear to believe the things you say.

Some say it is the way they sit. They sit straight, comfortably touching the back of the chair. They sit facing the person they are talking to. They listen silently and show interest in what they hear. They lean slightly forward when they want to stress some important points.

Some say it is the way they express themselves. They tilt their head slightly to show their interest. They nod their head to show that they are listening.

Some say it is their gesture. They place their hands nicely on armrest or their laps when they sit. They hold their hands behind their back when they stand. Sometimes they gesture with their hands to stress a certain point. They don't scratch their head when they are unsure. They don't tap their fingers or bite their nails when they are anxious. And they don't run their fingers through the hair when they are frustrated.

Some say it is because of their experiences. They have learned how to dress up. They know how to smell good with deodorant and perfume. They know the importance of using comfortable footwear. And they can adapt to their surroundings easily.

But to me, the answer is always our willingness to learn.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Are My Valentines

15 years is a long time. And that is how long I have been teaching in this school. God willing, I would like to teach another 15 years more.

I can't tell you how much my students mean to me. They are my Valentines.

Here I am, teaching a people of faith and hope. These are children with aspirations and motivations to move on in their life. These are young people who will withstand and clear all difficulties and hurdles along their way.

Here I am, guiding a people of vision and mission. These are children who can foresee the future and who know where they are going. These are young people who care to order their steps and direct their path to achieve their goals.

Here I am, bringing up a people of courage and perseverance to face challenges in life. These are children with endurance, steadfastness and patience. These are young people who will survive hardship and trouble and who will never give up, never surrender and never give in to despair!

And here I am, taking are of a people of love and compassion. These are children who love and cherish their teachers, who honor and think highly of them. These are young people who are teachable & coachable, who are willing to learn and work together toward common goals.

And here I am, training hard a people of power and strength. These are children will strive to improve their stamina, speed, strength and endurance to face the rising challenges. These are young people who will be well-prepared, fully equipped and ever ready to restructure the societies and transform the world at large.

And here I am, building a generation of young people.

Come what may, I am ready for yet another 15 years.

To all my beloved students, you are my Valentines.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Good Discussion

Children must be taught to have dreams. They must dream big and specific.

Children must be taught to have full confidence in everything they do. They must be optimistic and always know what to do.

Children must be taught to consider all things in a wider and a deeper perspective. They must see things fully.

Children must be taught to to be steady and ready to handle all situations and scenarios. They must not easily give up without a fight.

Children must be taught to cultivate good relationships with others. They must learn to live together in peace and harmony, and always be of help to others...

And so, children everywhere need mentors and role models to guide them through their journey.

That's why teachers play an important role in school just as the parents at home – molding and shaping the future generations of a nation.

Teachers must create a suitable and conducive environment for any discussion. They must come to class on time ready for their lesson. They must look decent and cheerful. They must make eyes contact and smile sweetly. They must laugh a bit and try to create a joke and humor once in a while. And their speech must always be optimistic, sincere and full of good advices.

In the eyes of the students, teachers are always loving and approachable. They are kind and generous. They are cheerful and helpful. They are patience and hopeful. And they enjoy open and wide topics of discussion.

Good teachers know learn how to manage a discussion well. They will not dominate any discussion since they want to generate ideas from their students. They will make sure that everyone is given a fair chance to speak up, and stop anyone from monopolizing. Children are our national treasures and they must be built up and properly equipped. None of them should be left out to face the real world on their own.

A good discussion always goes wider and deeper. A discussion that doesn't cover enough relevant scopes will limit the students' ability to think creatively, whereas a discussion that has no depth will never truly unearth the students' skill in thinking critically.

A good discussion must end with food for thought. Well-organized discussion will have good tips that will make us ponder further and put into practice. A good lesson will last us a lifetime.

A good discussion must conclude with acknowledgment and gratitude to everyone who has contributed. Teachers must learn to say thanks and give credits to participating students. They must also encourage the others to get involved in any future discussion. A right attitude will goes a long way.

In short, teaching is an important skill to learn and more discussions are needed to groom our future generation.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keep your Mouth Shut If You Don't Want Others To Know

Some people just cannot keep secrets. They will blurt out anything or everything they hear or know whenever they start or follow a conversation.

While we are in our workplace, let's be very careful in our speech, lest we be victimized by them.

Avoid telling others that you are unhappy with your works or your workplace, or that you desire to quit your job.

Avoid telling others that you are romantically involved with someone. This may aggravate relationships should any misunderstanding comes up.

Avoid telling others that you are living a life of debauchery after work.

Avoid telling others that you are actually doing something else when you claim to be sick.

Avoid telling others if you have a habit of taking or borrowing office supplies.

Avoid telling others that you dislike, hate or despise someone in the office.

Avoid telling others about your unpleasant pasts or your heart-breaking records.

Avoid telling others some great ideas that you want to use to advance your career.

Avoid telling others..........

Keep your mouth shut if you don't want others to know.

Keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job.