Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keep your Mouth Shut If You Don't Want Others To Know

Some people just cannot keep secrets. They will blurt out anything or everything they hear or know whenever they start or follow a conversation.

While we are in our workplace, let's be very careful in our speech, lest we be victimized by them.

Avoid telling others that you are unhappy with your works or your workplace, or that you desire to quit your job.

Avoid telling others that you are romantically involved with someone. This may aggravate relationships should any misunderstanding comes up.

Avoid telling others that you are living a life of debauchery after work.

Avoid telling others that you are actually doing something else when you claim to be sick.

Avoid telling others if you have a habit of taking or borrowing office supplies.

Avoid telling others that you dislike, hate or despise someone in the office.

Avoid telling others about your unpleasant pasts or your heart-breaking records.

Avoid telling others some great ideas that you want to use to advance your career.

Avoid telling others..........

Keep your mouth shut if you don't want others to know.

Keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job.


vhingF said...

Sorry Sir,

I can not agree of some features here.

Things that could help in many peoples or that could make me grow I need to SHOUT IT OUT!!! as long as I don't hit anyone that is below their belts.

that is my reality....

annisamy said...

yes ,i am agree...

we must shut our much for save.

but if we have any expert at any part we must to show it to other..

put any thing at the place

thank for information

Natural said...

you are right. sometimes i wish people would keep their personal information to themselves. hate to be mean, but i don't want to know. some things you shouldn't tell to anyone anyway.

Anonymous said...

That's why there's wisdom in what the bible says in being slow to speak but quick to listen :)

Anonymous said...

Yeap being formless is good according to Master Sun.
I am a bit of a maverick myself, peopel know me but not really lol. Great blog you have Sir. said...

Thanks for all the comments.
Sometimes we talk too much personal things in the office and we land up in hot soup. Hope this article can help to remind us to be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to become angry. After all, a good life is based on how we cultivate relationships.