Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Are My Valentines

15 years is a long time. And that is how long I have been teaching in this school. God willing, I would like to teach another 15 years more.

I can't tell you how much my students mean to me. They are my Valentines.

Here I am, teaching a people of faith and hope. These are children with aspirations and motivations to move on in their life. These are young people who will withstand and clear all difficulties and hurdles along their way.

Here I am, guiding a people of vision and mission. These are children who can foresee the future and who know where they are going. These are young people who care to order their steps and direct their path to achieve their goals.

Here I am, bringing up a people of courage and perseverance to face challenges in life. These are children with endurance, steadfastness and patience. These are young people who will survive hardship and trouble and who will never give up, never surrender and never give in to despair!

And here I am, taking are of a people of love and compassion. These are children who love and cherish their teachers, who honor and think highly of them. These are young people who are teachable & coachable, who are willing to learn and work together toward common goals.

And here I am, training hard a people of power and strength. These are children will strive to improve their stamina, speed, strength and endurance to face the rising challenges. These are young people who will be well-prepared, fully equipped and ever ready to restructure the societies and transform the world at large.

And here I am, building a generation of young people.

Come what may, I am ready for yet another 15 years.

To all my beloved students, you are my Valentines.


Anonymous said...

Teaching children is one of the most rewarding jobs ...
God Bless you for the work you do!
dawn said...

Thank Dawn.
For the past years. I have told myself not to look at the negative side of things. This generation of people needs help. And as a teacher, I am responsible. Come what may, they are my valentines.

Lollii-Pii said...

Your such a good teacher, you know how to listen the needs of your students, you value what they feel, thanks for your concern you shared with them, i am sure that your students love you and they valued everything you taught and they learned more things from you. They are lucky to have a good teacher like you. God bless you and your love ones.