Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Good Discussion

Children must be taught to have dreams. They must dream big and specific.

Children must be taught to have full confidence in everything they do. They must be optimistic and always know what to do.

Children must be taught to consider all things in a wider and a deeper perspective. They must see things fully.

Children must be taught to to be steady and ready to handle all situations and scenarios. They must not easily give up without a fight.

Children must be taught to cultivate good relationships with others. They must learn to live together in peace and harmony, and always be of help to others...

And so, children everywhere need mentors and role models to guide them through their journey.

That's why teachers play an important role in school just as the parents at home – molding and shaping the future generations of a nation.

Teachers must create a suitable and conducive environment for any discussion. They must come to class on time ready for their lesson. They must look decent and cheerful. They must make eyes contact and smile sweetly. They must laugh a bit and try to create a joke and humor once in a while. And their speech must always be optimistic, sincere and full of good advices.

In the eyes of the students, teachers are always loving and approachable. They are kind and generous. They are cheerful and helpful. They are patience and hopeful. And they enjoy open and wide topics of discussion.

Good teachers know learn how to manage a discussion well. They will not dominate any discussion since they want to generate ideas from their students. They will make sure that everyone is given a fair chance to speak up, and stop anyone from monopolizing. Children are our national treasures and they must be built up and properly equipped. None of them should be left out to face the real world on their own.

A good discussion always goes wider and deeper. A discussion that doesn't cover enough relevant scopes will limit the students' ability to think creatively, whereas a discussion that has no depth will never truly unearth the students' skill in thinking critically.

A good discussion must end with food for thought. Well-organized discussion will have good tips that will make us ponder further and put into practice. A good lesson will last us a lifetime.

A good discussion must conclude with acknowledgment and gratitude to everyone who has contributed. Teachers must learn to say thanks and give credits to participating students. They must also encourage the others to get involved in any future discussion. A right attitude will goes a long way.

In short, teaching is an important skill to learn and more discussions are needed to groom our future generation.


Mei Teng said...

Attitude's everything. A person can be the most educated/talented person but if he/she hasn't got the right attitude...all else goes down the drain.

Paula Williams said...

I see so many kids that are aimless, undirected and uninspired these days. All parents should be required to read your post.

Warm greetings from snowy Utah!

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Thanks Mei Teng. Thanks Paula Williams.
For the past few years, my teaching life has slowly become a drag. I realize that students are not ready for the labor market; they are ill-equipped to face challenges. I believe good discussions with practical lessons can help them. After all, we are building a people of power, and not lifeless robots.

vhingF said...


YOUR #7 on my list of ten EC droppers.