Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God Cares For Us

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."
- 1 Peter 5:7 -

It is a nice way of soothing sorrow if we know that God cares for us.

Let us come to the Lord and cast our burden upon Him.

What seems to be a crushing burden to us, is nothing to the Lord.

Those of us who are under suffering, let us be patient.

God has not passed over us in His providence.

He will furnish us with what we need.

Let us not sit down in despair. Let us hope on.

Let us take up the arms of faith against all our troubles.

God cares for us. His eye is fixed on us. His heart beats with pity for our woe. His hand shall yet bring us the needed help. He will bind up our wounds. He will heal our broken heart.

What a serene and quiet life we can lead if we would leave providing to the God of providence!

Let us leave all our concerns in the hand of our gracious God.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Continue in Prayer

"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful."
- Colossians 4:2 -

A large portion of the Bible is occupied with the subject of prayer, either in furnishing examples, enforcing precepts, or pronouncing promises.

We find a wrestling Jacob, Daniel who prayed three times a day, and David who with all his heart called upon his God.

We see Elijah praying on the mountain; Paul and Silas praying in the prison.

We have multitudes of commands to pray.

We have myriads of promises of prayer.

All these teach us the importance and necessity of prayer.

Whatever God has made prominent in His Word, He intended to be conspicuous in our lives.

If He has said much about prayer, it is because He knows we have much need of it.

So deep are our necessities, that until we are in heaven we must not cease to pray.

A prayerless soul is a Christless soul.

Prayer is the lisping of the believing infant, the shout of the fighting believer, the requiem of the dying saint falling asleep in Jesus.

It is the breath, the watchword, the comfort, the strength, the honor of a Christian.

If we are children of God, we will seek our Father's face, and live in our Father's love.

Let us learn to be holy, humble, zealous, and patient.

Let us have closer communion with Christ, and enter often into His love.

Let us be an example and a blessing to others.

Let us live more to the glory of our Master.

And let us continue in prayer.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Godly Or Hypocrite

Can papyrus grow tall where there is no marsh?
Can reeds thrive without water?
- Job 8:11 -

The papyrus is spongy and hollow.

So is a hypocrite.There is no substance and stability in him.

The papyrus is shaken to and fro in every wind.

So is a hypocrite. He yields to every influence.

The papyrus is not broken by the tempest.

So is a hypocrite. He is not troubled by persecution.

The papyrus by nature lives in water.

It owes its very existence to the marsh and moisture where it has taken root.

If the marsh become dry, the papyrus will wither very quickly.

Its greenness is absolutely dependent upon circumstances.

A present abundance of water will make it flourish.

A drought will destroy it at once.

Is this our case?

Do we serve God only when we are in good company or only when we are blessed?

The papyrus cannot grow without the marsh.

But the plants of the Lord can and do flourish even in the year of drought.

A godly man grows best when his worldly circumstances decay.

Let us find our lives in God, and not in the marsh of this world's favor or gain.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Come Up Higher

But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place.’ Then you will be honored in the presence of all the other guests.
- Luke 14:10 -

When the life of grace first begins in the soul, we draw near to God.

But it is with fear and trembling.

We are conscious of our guilt, and we are humbled.

We take the lowest room.

As we grow in grace, we continue to have the holy awe.

We know that we are in the presence of God who can create and destroy.

But our fear has become a holy reverence, and no more an overshadowing dread.

We are called up higher.

We are called to greater access to God in Christ Jesus.

We approach the throne of grace, and see the God of love, goodness, and mercy.

We see in God more of His goodness than His greatness, more of His love than His majesty.

We are called to come up higher.

We draw near to God in holy confidence.

We call Him, "Abba, Father."

We go from strength to strength,

And we grow daily in grace,

Until we see Him face to face.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

God's Everlasting Covenant With Us

“If my house were not right with God,
surely he would not have made with me an everlasting covenant,
arranged and secured in every part;
surely he would not bring to fruition my salvation
and grant me my every desire.
- 2 Samuel 23:5 -

The covenant is divine in its origin.

God has made a covenant with us.

Here lies the sweetness of it to each believer.

God has made peace with us!

The covenant is everlasting in its duration.

The covenant had no beginning, and it shall never end.

How sweet amidst all the uncertainties of life.

Let us sing of this, even though our church is not so with God as our hearts desire.