Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Carry The Donkey

An old man with his young son were leading a donkey to a market when they met a man. The man shouted, "Oh man! Your son can hardly walk. Let him sit on the donkey." The old man complied and the boy then sat on the donkey. After sometime, came another man and shouted, "Oh boy! Your father can hardly walk. Let him sit with you on the donkey." So both the man and the boy sat on the donkey. The donkey was carrying too much weight and moved very slowly. Then a man got very angry and ran to them. He screamed and shouted because they were torturing the donkey. The old man and the young boy finally got down from the donkey. They looked at one another, didn't know what to do. Then they decided to carry the donkey.

What do you think the old man and the young boy should do?

Sometime we listen too much to what people said.

We reason with ourselves and we think what they have said has some truth in it.

There is nothing wrong in allowing the young boy to sit on the donkey. After all he is not that heavy and the donkey can easily carry his weight.

There is nothing wrong in allowing the old man to sit on the donkey too. After all, he can hardly walk anymore and the donkey can easily carry his weight too.

The problem arises when they both sit on the donkey.

Now the donkey is suffering; the load is just too heavy.

It is good that the old man and the young boy can get down; the donkey is really tired.

But the decision to carry the donkey on their backs is a stupid one.

What they should do is to take turns riding the donkey, and to let the donkey rest once in a while.

The old man can walk and let the young boy ride the donkey for sometime.

The young man can walk and let the old man ride the donkey for sometime.

Then the old man and the young boy can walk and let the donkey rest for sometime.

In life, we must learn to make our own decisions.

We cannot just depend too much on others.

And we don't follow blindly everything said by others.

We must learn to study ideas, analyze them, critique them and fully scrutinized them.

So be very careful the next time you listen to people. They maybe true but sometimes not very true.

Remember, when the blind leads the blind, they may both fall into the same pit.

Don't carry the donkey!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Secret Girlfriend

I had my secret girlfriend 37 years ago. She was my first girlfriend. Right till this day, I still had a lovely warm feeling every time I thought of her. And I would chuckle and laugh, mesmerized by past memories of her; it was a very nice feeling.

I was in Form 2 (Grade 8) when it happened. I remembered my center parting hairstyle was rather impressive and attractive during that time of the year, though it may look old-fashioned and ugly now. And the bell bottom styled pants. They really made me feel special.

We were studying in the same class and I was the class monitor. It was a wooden block with no doors and windows. There were beautiful trees and flowers around and the place was cooling and nice, except when it rained heavily, when we had to squeeze together in the middle of the class.

I remembered there were times when my classmates were making noise and I had to act fast before teachers from adjacent classes came and shouted at us. There were times when my classmates were not happy with my actions, but she would look at me with an approving smile.

I loved her radiant smiles. It melted my heart and made me feel like I was at the top of the world. And I loved those sparkling eyes and her beaming face when she smiled sweetly at me. I felt all the more relaxed and peaceful in her company.

She was tall with long hair. She was slim, fair and beautiful. She was an independent girl who shared her thoughts and was very helpful to me. And she never grumbled or complained about anything.

We were friends for a long time. I was surprised I didn't make my moves.

I was always concerned about my personal life. I always wanted to achieve my dreams and goals and life ambitions. Life was tough and rough during my teenage years, and I always had to help out with my family; I just couldn't spare enough time for love life.

Some of my classmates fell in love fast and was talking about engagement and marriage after their Form 5 (Grade 11). But we remained friends and continued to work together.

We did our Form 6 in another school. But our relationship became dull and strained when we didn't study together in the same class. I remembered we didn't have many meetings and gatherings together. Finally we parted.

It had been years that I had not seen her, but I continued to remember her.

Now teaching in the same school, sometimes I did think about her.

May be she didn't know that I was a secret admirer.

She was my secret girlfriend.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Climbing Up The Stairs

A year ago, as I was walking together with my colleague towards a building, we saw a good friend walking sideways up the stairs, like a crab. We looked at one another, had a good but quiet laugh from behind, thinking we were alright and this would never happen to us.
A month later, I saw my colleague walking up the stairs with the same difficulties; he was suffering terribly from gout in his right ankle.
3 months ago, I realized that I was gasping for breath as I climbed up the stairs; my head was giddy, my knees trembled, and I was sweating profusely. All of a sudden, a bad thought came to my mind: I was just too heavy and too weak to climb up the stairs.
Then, every time I looked up at a steep, narrow and long stairs, I would get panic, sigh and cry; I finally realized that I had problem climbing up the stairs.
I took up long distance walking after that.
I walked on flat surface with comfortable footwear.
I walked on uneven terrain, rocky cobblestones, and pavement.
And I even climbed hills and mountains.
It wasn't easy but no amount of difficulties would cause me to give up.
Oh! I finally walked my first 10,000 steps!
Then, I concentrated on walking and intermittent jogging and running.
I also started jumping up and down the block stairs.
And I even tried to run up a narrow, winding, and long stairs.
It wasn't easy but I didn't want to give up.
Oh! I finally lost my first 15 kg!
Two weeks ago, I had a fall on a slippery track.
I bent my knee inward.
It was a sharp pain.
And I felt painful walking after that.
But I was not going to give up.
It wasn't easy but I must go on.
I want to achieve my first double digit weight!
The best way to lose weight is to exercise,
And to eat healthy and low calories food.
This was what I was told;
And I think I have learn it well.
It wasn't easy.
But nothing is impossible.
Isn't it?
I finally manage to climb up my stairs.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let Nature Runs Its Course

Are you disappointed because people don't appreciate what you have done? Are you dwelling on negative thoughts because they don't even acknowledge your works and efforts? Are you keeping a distance from those who criticize and talk bad about you, despise you and backstab you?

If you are, then please stop doing it. You are acting and behaving like them. And you wouldn't be happy with all the infighting and bickering that have made many people unfruitful and unable to progress in their life.

Life is always interesting, challenging, and fulfilling. There are always things to discover, look into, analyze, and examine. The world is filled with its abundant knowledge and wisdom. Learn to be a wise man!

It is good when people appreciate the things we do; after all, it takes much time and effort to contribute ideas, suggestions and discoveries for the good of the team and organization.

Bu it is the nature of some men not to show their appreciation to others, but desire and beg for attention from others. Selfish people abound and a lot more are coming. How are we to stop them?

I love to do things on my own. I also love to help others when they need me. But I don't volunteer to help if the person has no courtesy and desire to ask.

I don't need appreciation or public remark or acknowledgment; I don't want a feast or a special treat for the services I rendered. A smile or a pat on a shoulder will do. That is what friends are for.

Good friends are hard to find these days. Many around are just friends who would use you, make fun of you, or take advantages of you. As you climb the ladder of recognition and success, you must be careful and learn to avoid them; they are ever ready to overtake you, pull you down and crush you.

Sometimes good friends can turn into the worst enemies too. So be very careful who you befriend and confide in.

Nowadays I am careful and helpful to my true friends. It is no more easy for me to trust many friends. I appreciate friendships and sharing, but I am skeptical about their motives.

Are you feeling hurt because others are using you? Do you plan to use them back? Don't do it or there will be no end to bickering and whining. Suffice to say stay away from them and enjoy what you are doing.

I enjoy reading and meditating on the nature; nature always provides its many solutions to many things. I agree to let nature runs its course.

So, are you still angry?

Don't. Be still and let nature runs its course.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Regarding Your Relationship

It was the second day of New Year 2011.
What have you done thus far with your relationship?
Some people believe in starting a new year with good sayings and good doings to fellow human beings . Avoid all the bad word and all the bad acts, and you will be okay. What do you think?
Some people believe a good start can bring along good fortune and open up unexpected opportunities. Do you believe in that?
I always believe a cheerful smile will do miracles; so is a little help here and there.
And I believe we should do it everyday, and not just at the beginning of every year!
It is not difficult to greet one another and show respect to one another.
And the more you do, the more you will be surprised at the fellowship and relationship you have made and cultivated.
I love people with a ready smile; it always brings positive influences to our work and personal relationship. Imagine people come near you with a sick and sad face. I believe it wouldn't take you long before you say goodbye and hurry away. lol
There is no dominant position and role in relationship. It is like saying you can't clap with one single. Relationship is built on mutual consent, respect and understanding. And it is always built upon trust, honesty and good faith.
Now, we must not take relationships for granted. People just don't come near to you because you say so or you want it to be. Try to do it to children and you will see for yourself how they will run and cry and scream.
I believe everyone must have a share in every relationship; relationship must never be one sided, with the sole aim to please oneself, and to oppress others.
Sometimes we wonder why certain people can make many friends wherever they go, while others lose all their friends the moment they lose the position. But it is never a surprise to me because I know they are building their dream castle on shifting sand; the moment the rain and the storm come, all will be no more!
Some people make friends, have more good friends and draw even more best friends. They are full of love and fun, and you seldom see them alone dreaming and mourning.
Good relationships are never easy to build. But if you happen to find someones who have become your very good friends, you are truly blessed.
Never try to reject friends; you never know what you have lost until it is too late.
A new year always comes with a new beginning.
And it is only the second day of a great New Year.
What have you done with your relationship?
Are you still alone and lonely?
Are you still waiting for someone to come near you?
Wait no more.... but make more friends.
A ardent smile, a gentle and honest look, a thoughtful and considerate act etc are all you need.
It is Year 2011.
Have you a positive outlook for your relationship?
It's time to consider.... to consider....