Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Nation's Hope

It is the moment of truth.

They have studied all their books.

Their teachers have spent many hours with them, revising with them the various topics all over again.

They have taken many notes and they have completed many exercises.

They have been tested on many occasions various sets of trial papers.

They look pale and worn-out.

They must have burnt midnight oil for many days.

Look at the black eye rings and eye bags.

Look at the faces with unkempt hair and neglected appearance.

This is the hopeful generation of the nation.

Will they all clear the hurdles?

Will they pass their public exam?

Past history shows that not many do further their studies.

Many end up working after completing the secondary school education.

Many become our social problems and nuisance.

What can we teachers do?

Man plans, but God directs.

All that we can do at the end of the day is to wish them well. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stand Up And Walk

That soft and tiny footsteps keep rocking in my ears.

That urge and desire to stand straight continue to stick in my mind.

And I can still see the steady look in your eyes.

And your growing confidence as you continue to step forward.

And I just cannot forget that moment when you began your very first steps.......

Oh my children.......

Every time when you tried to stand up, our hearts went with you.

Every time when you fought hard to stand straight, our hearts cried together for you.

Every time when you struggled to steady your footsteps, our hearts jumped for you.

But every time when you had a step forward, our heart clapped for you.

Every time when you stretched up your hands in victory, our hearts sang for you.

And every time when you giggled and laughed in happiness, we laughed along with tears in our eyes.

Oh my children.......

We had always resisted from holding you, again and again.

We had held back our fear and tears, again and again.

We continued to give you the confidence to walk ahead.

We continued to cheer you on as you struggled with your every step.

And we did it together, remember? again and again.

Oh, my children.......

There are things that we can and want to teach and guide you.

There are things that we can and want to work together along with you.

But there are also things that we know but it is good for you to learn on your own.

And there are also things that we simply cannot but you must pick up for a better tomorrow.

Oh my children.......

A little step... A little faltering step.

A little step... A little steadier step.

A little step... A little falling aback.

... means so much to you and to us.

But that is the price of our growing up.

Oh our children.......

We will always be around to help you.

We will always be around to carry you.

But you must learn to stand up and stand strong on your own.

And you must walk your life journey...

...on a brighter and a better route than what we have been through.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take A Little Rest

Nothing seems to excite me lately.

Everything happens as normal; nothing unusual stood out.

Everyone has their own agenda and their time occupied.

Getting together with relatives and friends somewhere sometime, and talking about the past old days, seems to be a luxury these days.

Everyone is busy and hurried to meet their ends; no one seems to have time to have a little rest.

Sometimes at the end of the day when we see everything as a whole, we wonder why we have so much to worry about, so many agenda to keep, so much things to occupy our mind, and so unduly concerned about the things of the world.

Taking a little time to relax seems to do the trick.

We are refreshed in our mind and we are ready to calm down.

Taking a little stroll in a nearby park or sitting on a stone bench enjoying the peaceful surroundings is just great.

The Mother Nature plays a major part in our daily lives.

It is always unperturbed by our every day activities.

Nothing seems to hurry. They just take their sweet time to complete their course.

Sometimes I wonder, what are we really chasing after, and why are we forever worried about the uncertain future.

Everyday has enough of its troubles. So why the unnecessary hustle?

Take a little rest.... just a little rest.... and tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daddy, I'm okay

I held your little palms in my big palms. They were so delicate and tender. Only then did I realize that I had not been very protective and took good care of you.

I looked into your eyes and saw your sparkling black eyes; they always had their full attention on me. Only then did I realize that I had been so forgetful and negligent of you.

I remembered how you had pulled my trousers when we were on a long shopping trip. You were so worn out and exhausted. You needed a hug and some love. And you looked at me with a pleading eyes. Oh, how inconsiderate I was to pay so little attention on you.

And so the years passed.......

You always acted tough just like your father.

You always looked strong and dependable.

Poor child, only now do I realize how weak and helpless you are... now that you are on your own.

I wish I can bring you some help and do you some good.

But you are always ready with the answer, "Daddy, I'm okay."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glad To Be Alive

Some brag about their journeys and adventures.

Some brag about the books they have bought and read.

Some brag about their experiences and successes in life.

Some brag about their courage and strength.

Some brag about their knowledge and wisdom.

Some brag about their wealth and power.

Some brag about their talents and abilities.

Some brag about their beauty and lifestyles

Some brag about their luck and fortune.

Some brag about their privileges and prerogatives

Some brag about their achievements and contributions.

Then the tsunamis, the earthquakes, the typhoons...come...

Then the screams and the cries of pain and despair.......

The sighs and the moans....

All is lost and nothing is gained.

And we are glad to be alive...

And we are content with what we have.....

.......Under the shadow of the wing of the Almighty God.