Thursday, December 31, 2009

We Need To Change First

It's the last day of the year 2009...

Many happenings and remarkable events have appeared....

It is the year of the ox that symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work.

It is the year that requires patience and confidence, and a little more doing and less talking.

Throughout this year....

Many have made great plans and projects, achieved fantastic performances and results, and derived more satisfactions and pleasure than ever before....

Throughout this year....

Many have invested more on family activities, occasions and celebrations, family decisions making and plannings, and have eventually found their home as the ultimate place for comfort and love....

Throughout this year....

Many have found their children growing up fast, making many positive changes in attitude and behavior, getting more patient, more cooperative and productive, more lovable and attractive....

Throughout this year....

Many also feel the pinch of the economic downturn.... Many have lost their jobs and are unable to support themselves or families.... Many have to face a higher cost of living from the fuel price increase and the high inflation rate.... and.... Many have a hard time to make ends meet....

Throughout this year....

Many have many unfulfilled desires and wishes....

Many have many broken promises and disappointments....

Many have many incomplete projects and tasks....

Throughout this year....

Many are brought to their knees by their life situations....

Many have resorted to thefts, snatch-thefts, immoral and illegal activities, and criminal and subversive activities....

Throughout this year....

Many have beheld the fear, horrors and sorrows of the natural disasters, wars, and diseases............................


And that's the year 2009...

And so is the account for every year....

It is always our life's perspective that will ultimately determine the future outlook.

If we take things positively and start to count our blessings through the year 2009, we will realize just how blessed we are, or how fortunate we are, as some of us would like to say....

But if we see things negatively and start to mourn, we will definitely remember many sad events and tragic moments.... just quote them and in no time we will have a long list of them....

Now that the year 2010 is around the corner....

It's the year of the tiger, the living symbol of strength, courage and power....

But the same question awaits, "Are we ready to change?"

Or do we continue to work and sweat like a buffalo or a cow?

And so, the ever-present new year's resolution for us is just this....

"For things to change, we must change first."

Oh God, help us arise from our miserable circumstances and be a people of hope who are willing and ready to change for a better future...

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas Time

It's a quiet Christmas morning.

I have just completed my morning exercise routine.

I do a double workout since I wake up early, have ample energy and enjoy what I am doing.

Then I enjoy strolling and musing in my backyard....

The mango tree, the dragon fruit plants, and the rambutan tree are growing fine, only need a little trimming and pruning.

The flowers in the pots are blossoming in the morning dews.

A few of my lovely cats are lying lazily, watching and guarding the garden.

It is a fine and sunny morning.

The morning air is fresh and cool if not for a nearby smoke from a barbecue pit of a neighboring house.

The warm morning sun is especially welcoming after a cold and windy night.

I scout the neighboring houses....

The housing estate is rather quiet since the majority have gone home to their respective villages for bigger celebrations.

To them, festival celebration is no fun without the participation of everyone in their village and the nearby villages.

A few families are having open houses and gatherings in the housing estate during the day to cater for their friends and colleagues.

They will most probably rush home to their village in the evening for their village's community fun times.

I can hear the sound of people frying, vacuuming, talking, shouting.....

They must be doing their last minute preparations before the guests arrive.

Then the Christmas songs are getting louder and more excited....

Children are talking loudly, running and giggling....

Everyone seems so alive and happy...

Everything seems so lively, bright and pretty.

Wow! It's Christmas Time!

I start to get ready and wake up all my children...

We are going back to our village and visit some friends in the nearby villages....

We are going to celebrate our Christmas and have our fun times....

I miss the atmosphere, the food, the people, and the fun...

Then I remember the Spirit of Christmas...

I remember how the Son of God has come to die to save lost sinners like me...

Thank you LORD.

Lord, You're worthy to be praised, and I praise You Lord.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Fruitful Mango Tree

In my backyard, there is a mango tree.

It is a bud-grafted tree and it has been with us for 6 years.

We have been waiting patiently for it to fruit every year.

But for the first 2 years, what we saw were only thick branches and dense leaves.

We were a little depressed, praying that it would not be a fruitless mango tree.

Then we had our first harvest — we had counted about 10 mangoes on the tree.

These are oblong shaped mangoes and they taste so tangy, sweet and delicious.

But........... why only 10 mangoes? (The human heart is never satisfied.)

We started to read up and ask around.

Some said we had to prune the branches and thin the leaves every now and then.

Some said we had to start a fire and smoke the tree every now and then.

Some said we had to hurt the tree by nailing it with many nails....

We did prune the branches and thin the leaves.

We did smoke the tree by starting a small fire underneath it.

But to nail the tree............... oh, no........ too cruel for our mango tree.

Then came our second harvest....

This time we had 20 mangoes.

Our third harvest was even more, reaching almost 50 mangoes.

Every year we anticipated more and more....

And thank to God, this year we have about 200 mangoes.


We share our mangoes with family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Surprisingly each year we have more and more mangoes to share. (I've a hearty laugh!)

In return, they will give us fruits and vegetables they have planted in the yard.

By and by, our relationship, our love and respect for one another have improved and strengthened.

Thanks, my fruitful mango tree.....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chasing After A Better Life

There will come a time when we must face the truth.

Those who have taken some courses know that there will be an evaluation, an assessement or a test waiting for them.

Those who have joined a contest or a competition know that they have to wait patiently for the results to be revealed.

The moment of anticipation and the anticipated moment are not easy to bear.

The results may be as expected or may be surprising.

Some may jump up in joy, others may get angry and frustrated.

It is wonderful to see our loved ones soaking in joy, and we share their happiness.

It is heartbreaking to see our loved ones shedding tears, and we share their pains and sorrow.

Crying is usually a very good remedy for a broken heart.

Thank God for the ability to shed tears, to release all our feelings.

The company of family members, relatives and friends are also helpful in dire situations.

But ultimately we need to make sure that the suffering parties stand on their own feet.

They must face the music.

We may help them to analyze the problems at hand and to suggest some ideas or helpful solutions.

But we must leave them to make their own decisions.

Sometimes it is the lack of interests and enthusiasm that have affected the outcomes.

Sometimes it is the lack of preparation and practice...

Sometimes it is the faults of the teachers and trainers......

Sometime it is the system or the course layout...

Whatever is the problem, remedies must be found.

We must not easily give up.

Problems must be faced and tackled.

Maybe we need to show more interest and enthusiasm.

Maybe we need to develop good learning skill and strategy.

Maybe we need a good team to study together.

Or maybe we should work harder, postponing or forgoing some legitimate and less important activities.

Whatever it is, we must encourage them to stand up and face the challenges.

Who knows, by doing so, we enter into a gate for new knowledge and understanding?

Who knows that God has intended it that way to make us realise His presence and His help in our hours of need?

It's frustrating and depressing to see someone we love bogged down by challenges and competition.

But that is the nature of life - to explore and to find the meaning behind all that is to know.

It is true that no man is an island.

But equally true ia the fact that no one is to give in or to give up easily.

Challenges and struggle is part and parcel of life.

When will we get out of our comfort zone?

A life of giving without receiving in return will be boring, and we will most probably unable to enjoy our life for long.

And that is what I will do, ever seeking and working for ways and means to live life to the fullest.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Everyone Can Sing

I believe everyone can sing.

Everyone can hum some tunes and sing along.

It is the gift of God.

It is as natural as breathing.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 or A-B-C.

It is good that some among us are talented with sweet and melodious voice.... Some of us can sing with emotion and feeling.... And some of us can stir up great excitement and instill great joy among people with their enchanting and captivating voice.

These are natural singers with talented voice.... or they may be seasoned singers with years of practices and training. Whatever....... It is just wonderful to have them around.

It is good to have some singing, dancing, fun, and games in family gatherings or functions... It helps to alleviate the stress and tension among family members.... And it helps to promote love and affection.

We had a family gathering the previous night celebrating the engagement of our niece.

It was a fun evening that brought up lots of sweet memories and stories.

I especially loved the singing and dancing session.

Though many of us were singing with a hoarse and unrefined voice, though many of us just couldn't sing well even with lyrics and our glasses on.... we all enjoyed the moment of togetherness.... and it meant so much to each one of us especially after the demise of our parents...

Yah, singing is fun and singing is good for family gatherings.

And the funny thing I discovered that night was............

Everyone can sing.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dreaming Is Not Bad After All

Every man has dreams...

... and I am no different.

When I was young, I had many ambitious dreams.

I wanted to be an expert and a specialist in the fields that people respected and admired.

I wanted to be a brave man and a great hero that people looked up to for safety and protection.

I wanted to be a wise and knowledgeable man that people loved to draw near for guidance and enlightenment.

I wanted to be a romantic and charming person that people flocked around with eagerness and excitement.

I wanted to be an influential and charismatic leader that people upheld and believed.

Some of these hopes and dreams died fast with age...

... Situations and circumstances had changed everything.

It seemed cruel but necessary.

It is God's way to make us grow and realize our gifts and talents.

But some of these hopes and dreams died very slowly.

We had stubbornly held on to them until they hurt us and everyone around us...

... Time to let go and let God.......


But deep inside, I still believe that everyone must continue to have dreams...

... and I am no different.

Big dreams....small dreams....

Without dreams, there will be no hope and no interest in life.

Without hope, there will be no vision and no future.

So I rather have dreams... and many of them....

...than bow down to fate and wrestle continually with reality.

Well, let's dream...

... Dreaming is not bad after all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Quiet Corner

I enjoy a quiet corner to do my work.

I don't want to be disturbed when I am working on something important.

I want to concentrate on my work and I want to do all things well.

Life is a journey of living and learning.

We gain knowledge and experience that bring benefits to ourselves and others.

I just hate the fact that often people just come around, interrupting my work and disrupting my peace.

It is okay if it is of more urgent matters.

But often it is because they are lonely and not willing to work, or because they don't want to see me excel.

Whatever the reasons, I believe everyone must respect others to do good.

A break will be nice after everyone has finished doing their workload.

Yah, I still want to enjoy my quiet corner to do my work.

And I don't want to be disturbed unless it is really urgent.

Sigh... it is so difficult because I don't have a room to myself.

Yah, maybe I need a quiet room instead.

Monday, November 16, 2009

What Do You Think Of 2012?

Certain individuals love to portray how much they know. Piles and piles of books stacked all over in their rooms. More often than not, we hear them quote from certain renowned and respected writers. We look up to them and aspire to be like them. They look cool and stay that way throughout the day. In certain cultures, they will put on long robe, tall hat, and long beard.

Certain individuals love to show how rich they are. They buy fancy hats and shoes, frilly coats and they wear gold, diamond and silver jewelry. They own huge mansions and apartments throughout the world. They throw extravagant and bustling parties in their homes and communities. They earn millions and they spend millions. We desire to be like them.

Certain individuals love to display their qualifications, titles and designations for publicity purposes. There is an air of flair about them. They are a class of their own. They speak with confidence and conviction, with style and impact. They draw huge and loyal audiences. They are the men of the hour and people are drawn to them. They look wonderful and we desire to be like them.

And so the story goes....

But thinking deeper into it... Is knowledge and wisdom, or riches and honor... mean so much to us that they must constitute a very important part of our life?

Some say money can buy happiness. Is it true?

Some say, "Let's get rich and famous?" Is that all that important?

Some say, "Let's gain honor and respect?" Is that all that we want?

It all boils down to our priorities in life... to please men or to please God!

No two men are identical....

But all are accountable to God.

Will it be 2012? Hope not.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Learning From Our Mistakes And Failures

Experiences tell us that rush and last minute decisions always lead to bad and undesirable outcomes.

Everyone knows that.

But not everyone has learned this lesson after years of experience.

Many of us still make the same mistakes over and again.

Many of us continue to regret and feel sorry for our bad decisions and terrible failures.

And history quietly repeats itself.

Nothing much change after thousands years of human history.

The same mistakes all over again....

The same poor decisions abound......

The same failures occur again......

Yah, we always claim that we have learned from our past experiences......

But just how much have we learned from our bad decisions?

Just how much have we learned from our mistakes and failures?

If life is a journey of discovery.......

Why do we never learn to discover ourselves?

Why do we always blame others, and not ourselves?

Why do we always criticize others, and not ourselves?

Why do we always judge others, and not ourselves?

The rest of the world has learned from their bad decisions and failures, and are moving forward.

But those of us who continue to be rumor mongers, harsh critics, backstabbers... are finding it harder to move a step forward.

Oh, just when will we learn from our mistakes and failures?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Morning Sunlight

This morning the sunlight was very glaring.

I tried to look directly at it, but I just couldn't... It was a very bright light.

I was reminded of the Holiness of God and His wrath over our sins.

But I couldn't thank God enough for His amazing love and care.

The warm of the sunlight on this cold and windy morning was especially welcoming.

It lifted the spirit in me to face the world with renewed strength.

It moved me along for fresh new challenges after a long cold night.

It inspired me to great thoughts and feelings.

And I enjoyed the fresh clean air moving around my face as I walked slowly towards the office.

I presumed many who are always confined in dark small rooms knew what I meant.

It was a release and a relief from all suffering, misery, and failure.

If only we knew how to welcome the morning sunlight........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Nation's Hope

It is the moment of truth.

They have studied all their books.

Their teachers have spent many hours with them, revising with them the various topics all over again.

They have taken many notes and they have completed many exercises.

They have been tested on many occasions various sets of trial papers.

They look pale and worn-out.

They must have burnt midnight oil for many days.

Look at the black eye rings and eye bags.

Look at the faces with unkempt hair and neglected appearance.

This is the hopeful generation of the nation.

Will they all clear the hurdles?

Will they pass their public exam?

Past history shows that not many do further their studies.

Many end up working after completing the secondary school education.

Many become our social problems and nuisance.

What can we teachers do?

Man plans, but God directs.

All that we can do at the end of the day is to wish them well. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stand Up And Walk

That soft and tiny footsteps keep rocking in my ears.

That urge and desire to stand straight continue to stick in my mind.

And I can still see the steady look in your eyes.

And your growing confidence as you continue to step forward.

And I just cannot forget that moment when you began your very first steps.......

Oh my children.......

Every time when you tried to stand up, our hearts went with you.

Every time when you fought hard to stand straight, our hearts cried together for you.

Every time when you struggled to steady your footsteps, our hearts jumped for you.

But every time when you had a step forward, our heart clapped for you.

Every time when you stretched up your hands in victory, our hearts sang for you.

And every time when you giggled and laughed in happiness, we laughed along with tears in our eyes.

Oh my children.......

We had always resisted from holding you, again and again.

We had held back our fear and tears, again and again.

We continued to give you the confidence to walk ahead.

We continued to cheer you on as you struggled with your every step.

And we did it together, remember? again and again.

Oh, my children.......

There are things that we can and want to teach and guide you.

There are things that we can and want to work together along with you.

But there are also things that we know but it is good for you to learn on your own.

And there are also things that we simply cannot but you must pick up for a better tomorrow.

Oh my children.......

A little step... A little faltering step.

A little step... A little steadier step.

A little step... A little falling aback.

... means so much to you and to us.

But that is the price of our growing up.

Oh our children.......

We will always be around to help you.

We will always be around to carry you.

But you must learn to stand up and stand strong on your own.

And you must walk your life journey...

...on a brighter and a better route than what we have been through.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take A Little Rest

Nothing seems to excite me lately.

Everything happens as normal; nothing unusual stood out.

Everyone has their own agenda and their time occupied.

Getting together with relatives and friends somewhere sometime, and talking about the past old days, seems to be a luxury these days.

Everyone is busy and hurried to meet their ends; no one seems to have time to have a little rest.

Sometimes at the end of the day when we see everything as a whole, we wonder why we have so much to worry about, so many agenda to keep, so much things to occupy our mind, and so unduly concerned about the things of the world.

Taking a little time to relax seems to do the trick.

We are refreshed in our mind and we are ready to calm down.

Taking a little stroll in a nearby park or sitting on a stone bench enjoying the peaceful surroundings is just great.

The Mother Nature plays a major part in our daily lives.

It is always unperturbed by our every day activities.

Nothing seems to hurry. They just take their sweet time to complete their course.

Sometimes I wonder, what are we really chasing after, and why are we forever worried about the uncertain future.

Everyday has enough of its troubles. So why the unnecessary hustle?

Take a little rest.... just a little rest.... and tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daddy, I'm okay

I held your little palms in my big palms. They were so delicate and tender. Only then did I realize that I had not been very protective and took good care of you.

I looked into your eyes and saw your sparkling black eyes; they always had their full attention on me. Only then did I realize that I had been so forgetful and negligent of you.

I remembered how you had pulled my trousers when we were on a long shopping trip. You were so worn out and exhausted. You needed a hug and some love. And you looked at me with a pleading eyes. Oh, how inconsiderate I was to pay so little attention on you.

And so the years passed.......

You always acted tough just like your father.

You always looked strong and dependable.

Poor child, only now do I realize how weak and helpless you are... now that you are on your own.

I wish I can bring you some help and do you some good.

But you are always ready with the answer, "Daddy, I'm okay."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glad To Be Alive

Some brag about their journeys and adventures.

Some brag about the books they have bought and read.

Some brag about their experiences and successes in life.

Some brag about their courage and strength.

Some brag about their knowledge and wisdom.

Some brag about their wealth and power.

Some brag about their talents and abilities.

Some brag about their beauty and lifestyles

Some brag about their luck and fortune.

Some brag about their privileges and prerogatives

Some brag about their achievements and contributions.

Then the tsunamis, the earthquakes, the typhoons...come...

Then the screams and the cries of pain and despair.......

The sighs and the moans....

All is lost and nothing is gained.

And we are glad to be alive...

And we are content with what we have.....

.......Under the shadow of the wing of the Almighty God.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep Running, Oh Man

I have not been running for a long time.

For the past few days of my school holidays, I had decided to have some keep fit and weight-reducing programs.

Age is catching up and weight is going up. I will become a fat old man in no time. Besides, breathing is getting shorter and faster after some activities.

My wife and I decided to walk around the housing estate after 4.30 in the afternoon. It was a casual walk at first before we changed into a brisk walk.

It was scorching hot but we continued walking with a small towel on our shoulder. We didn't stop intentionally for the surrounding views.

My wife is always fit and she is a good runner. But for my sake, she had decided to slow down her pace and walk with me.

Two days ago I decided to start running. I thought since I could walk non-stop for an hour, I should be ready to run.

I started off well. But after a hundred steps or so, I realized that I was running slower than I walked. My wife laughed silently but encouraged me on.

I had finished running 4 laps in a small park... and I was panting like a man on a very long journey. My face was red hot and I could imagine the onlookers were smiling and laughing as if they were watching comedy show.

But it was okay. It is better I start now or never... then they will see me crawling like a snail on the floor.

Nevertheless, it was a good walk and a good run... Only that I had a hard time snoring at night. LOL

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Wise Man And A Fool

A wise man first thinks and then speaks but a fool speaks first and then thinks.

A wise man makes his own decisions but a fool simply follows public opinion.

A wise man sometimes changes his mind but a fool seldom.

A wise man can see more from the bottom of a well than a fool can from a mountain top.

A wise man learns by the mistakes of others but a fool by his own.

A wise man fears God and shuns from evil but a fool is hotheaded and reckless.


A fool despises good counsel but a wise man takes it to heart.

A fool thinks he needs no advice, but a wise man listens to others.

A fool utters all his mind but a wise man keeps it in till afterward.

A fool shows annoyance immediately, but a wise man listens to what others have to say.

A fool raises his voice in laughter, but the prudent man at the most smiles gently.

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct but a wise man delights in wisdom.


The heart of a fool is in his mouth but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.

What a fool thinks of as something that would bring happiness, a wise man knows would only bring suffering.


Oppression can turn a wise person into a fool and a bribe can corrupt the mind.

A bribe given to a wise man deprives him of the use of his understanding.

When a wise man cheats, he is acting like a fool.

If he takes a bribe, he pays for it with his reputation.


A fool can ask more questions that a wise man cannot answer.

If a wise man contends with a fool, whether he be angry or laugh, he shall find no rest.


The fool who knows that he is a fool is for that very reason a wise man.

The fool who thinks that he is wise is called a fool indeed.


What do you think?

Can a wise man become a fool?

Can a fool become wise through his foolishness?

....... One thing I do know.

No one can become a wise man without being a terrible fool.

I think it's true – Not everyone learns from others' mistakes, but only from one's own mistakes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chasing Dreams

When we were little boys and girls, we had lots of dreams.

We loved role-play games.

We enjoyed looking at the moon and the stars.

Then, we started to chase after butterflies and dragonflies.

And then, we chased after someone we loved.

Then we realized that we had too many dreams.

And we began to sort out our dreams.

We tried to write down what we really wanted in our diary.

And our teacher insisted that we wrote an essay on "My Ambition".

Then we realized that we must plan well to realize our dreams.

And so we learned all the arts and skills.

And we attended many counseling sessions and group talks.

Then we worked very hard to achieve our dreams.

We went through trials and errors.

We told ourselves not to give up, no matter how bad the situations were.

We told ourselves not to surrender, no matter how bad we had felt.

We told ourselves to strive for ways and means to clear all obstacles hindering our dreams.

Then we saw with our eyes someone achieved their dreams the easy ways.

They had achieved their dreams overnight.

They had out-performed us many times over.

They had achieved their dreams with very little efforts and in a very short time.

And we became jealous and complaining.

Anyway, somehow or other, we did achieve some of our dreams....


Some have found joy and satisfaction in their dreams.

Others continue to seek for more.

Is life merely chasing after our dreams?

Some have said that "Everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind."

And they have pondered over their "wasted" years.

And they have regretted their many decisions.

And they have mourned over the many broken homes and relationships.


Some begin to pursue contentment in their lives.

They discover that their wealth doesn't give them everlasting satisfaction.

They discover that their indulgence in pleasures and luxuries doesn't give them everlasting joy.

They discover that their knowledge and wisdom is so minute, so fallible and inadequate to understand the whole human race.

Then they look carefully at those beside them who are chasing after their many dreams.

And they begin to smile mournfully to themselves.

They realize that life is a cycle; what has happened will happen again.

And they drew a long, long sigh....

No one will listen to, not one.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Born Lucky

It is said that some are born lucky.

They are born into a rich and influential family. They are well off and of good social position.

They have parents who are professionals or business owners. They are highly educated and very smart.

They are attached to a warm and friendly family. They feel safe and totally protected. They have a great childhood with a very happy and fulfilling life.


It is said that everyone is born lucky.

We all have different talents.

Everyone of us has a chance to improve on our talents or create new skills.

And it is never too late for us to learn something new.

We are born as needy babies.

Then we grow and develop and choose to do something worthwhile with our lives.


It is said that no one is born lucky.

Some actually have to work hard for their next meal.

They have to fight and live their life.

But they work hard to change their luck.

And they want to reverse their bad luck into good luck.

And they go through trial and error to make this happen.

And they learn that when they are at the right place at the right time, things can happen.

And so they set their mind on achieving great goals.

To them, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

And, it solely depends on them how they create opportunities for themselves!

They create their own good luck through their mental attitudes and behavior.

Sometimes they change their name and religion.

Most of the time they strive hard to build a good reputation.


But they are those who believe in the grace and mercy of God alone.

They don't count on luck.

They count on God's blessings.

And They count them often, and they give thanks to God.

They become more blessed but not luckier.

And they are happy and contented.


Whatever it is, we must not penalized anyone who are born lucky.

After all, it is not their faults that they are born to live easy.

And we mustn't be proud simply because we are born lucky.

Our life may not be that easy after all.

Sometimes it is through hardships that we learn how blessed or lucky we truly are.

Remember, it is we who make our own luck.

And it is God who decide on our life and destiny...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling Hurt

All of us feel hurt, bitter or angry once in a while.

Some of us feel hurt because we have no one to share our burdens.

Some of us feel hurt when others are not sensitive to our needs and wants.

Some of us feel hurt because of our past experiences.

Some of us feel hurt when our secrets are exposed.

Some of us feel hurt because of rejection, betrayal, abuse, injustice, or ill-treatment by others.

But there are some among us who feel hurt when others feel hurt.


It is not easy to bear when others don't want to talk to us anymore.

It is not easy to bear when others don't trust us anymore.

It is not easy to bear when others don't want to do with us anymore.

And it is never easy to bear when others insult us in public.

It can be really painful when our loved ones are not faithful to us.

It can be really painful when we are being cheated all the time.


Some of us feel hurt when they heard others are being hurt. This is good. It means they love others so much that they don't want anything bad to happen to them.

Parents feel hurt when their children and grandchildren cannot live in peace and harmony. To them, the family belongs together no matter what happens.


Others get hurt when their birthday or an important date is forgotten.

Others get hurt when they have a breakup.

Others get hurt when their parents are busy.

Still others get hurt when their friends leave without saying goodbye.


A few of us get hurt so very easily.

A few of us get hurt over something so tiny.

A few of us get hurt over some advices and comments.

A few of us get hurt over some misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


We usually blame others for our hurt feelings.

Yet we often set ourselves up to experience hurts, rejection or burnout.

Maybe we need to learn to be more positive and less sensitive.

We don't have to feel vulnerable to feel hurt.

Smile! Life is not that bad after all.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Visit To A Park

My family and I were having our packed lunch in a reservoir park.

It had been quite a long while since we last visited this reservoir park.

There were few people around.

We had a spacious wooden shed all to ourselves.

My wife and I sat together enjoying our romantic moments.

The children were sporting enough to leave us alone.

The park was indeed beautiful and well worth a visit.

Some visitors were taking a nap on a bench under the tall dense trees.

The lake was calm and pretty.

I loved the peace and serenity I found here.

We ate our lunch slowly.

It tasted especially nice and sweet.

We were smiling together and we had a lot to share that day.

Many wonderful thoughts swam in our heads that day.

Sometimes a change of environment can make a great difference.

Now I understand why some people love to have their wedding in the park.

Now I understand why many families love to have their picnic in the park.

It was so relaxing and a good break from the chasing of life.

But time didn't permit us to stay longer...

We had to send our elder daughter to the airport.

Reluctantly we made our move...

Hugging one another we walked slowly toward our van....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Whistling is the production of sound by means of carefully controlling a stream of air flowing through a small hole.

Whistling can be achieved by creating a small opening with one's lips and then blowing air out of the hole.

Whistling is fun. It is strange to be able to form lips like these, and funny to be able to whistle.

Whistling is fantastic because when we don't know the lyrics of the song, all we need to do is just to whistle the tune!

Some people believe that whistling is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Whistle a happy tune will help to lighten our spirits. Besides, whistling help us to take deep breaths and inhale more oxygen.

Whistling is a skill that many try to achieve but aren't successful. It takes a lot of patience and practice to be good at whistling.

Some people have tried their very best but still unable to do it right. Some whistling are really horrible.

Most children love to whistle. Sometimes we can see them doing it together and giggle.

Whistling can be impolite, annoying and deafening to those who are reading, having a conversation, or doing some serious works.

But whistling can be very soothing after a hard day work when our whole body starts to ache, and especially when we are lying down comfortably on our back.

Some people believe that whistling is good for the soul. People that whistle are generally more happy and feel good about themselves.

Music accompanied by whistling can be wonderful.

I love whistling when I am alone.

How about you?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes When Life Becomes Stressful....

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will tell myself to be cool and then enjoy the process of cooling down. I will tell myself to be calm and then try to make some rational analysis.

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will go for deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing exercises often help to fully relax and calm my body, and quieting my mind.

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will tell myself to relax and enjoy my life. Problem doesn't last all that long and nothing is all that important except to love one another.

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will tell myself it's okay. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to be angry and sad. It is okay to cry. It is okay to take a little break. It's okay, it's okay.

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will pray and meditate about it. Prayer and meditation help me find my vision and my hope again. Prayer and meditation bring God's Word close to my heart again. Prayer and meditation give me the peace, the love, the patience and the joy that I need to go on everyday.

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will ask my wife to massage my body. Massage relieves tension in my muscles. Massage steadies my racing heart. Massage promotes deeper, easier and healthier breathing. Besides, massage fosters improved communication between me and my wife.

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will speak to others about my problems....

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will try to relax and listening to the music....

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, I will go for outdoor activities. I love exercises. I love hiking. I love gardening. I love sightseeing......

What do you do when you are stressful?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disasters and Troubles

For more than 2 weeks, the haze has covered and blocked out the clear blue sky.

Widespread and indiscriminate burning is the common cause of haze in this part of the world.

Visibility is getting worse and worse each day; really terrible if you are driving.

The weather is getting warmer and the sun more intense. Those who work outside can really feel the heat and know just how hot the sun is.

There are many suspected and confirmed cases of H1N1 in the country and 8 persons have died. Tension and worry have filled the air, and you can really feel the apprehension of the people around.

The newspapers today say that the El Nino is coming back to stay until October.

Disasters and troubles come in succession so fast while we are in this vale of tears.

Not many children are playing outside the house. Many are down with flu, cough and fever.

The hospital is full of patients everyday, seeking for treatments.

It is said that the cost to diagnose and to treat H1N1 is expensive.

Just wonder how the present government can manage...

Oh, just how shocked and helpless we can be when disasters and troubles come together.

But we are not to despair. We are to persevere in faith, not looking at what is seen, but at what is unseen, fixing our eyes on the LORD Jesus.

God knows how much we can bear and will rescue us in due time.

Glory be to God on high.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Celebration

My late mother remembered everybody's birthday in my big family.

No one missed their turn of their birthday celebration except my late mother.

But my late mother was always beaming with smile and satisfaction every time there was a birthday celebration.


We were not rich people and we didn't have a feast during our birthday celebration.

We didn't go to KFC or McDonalds.

We didn't eat out in a restaurant.

But we did have a plate of steamed chicken in the middle of the table.

The birthday child had the first share: one drumstick and 2 red boiled eggs.

And the rest of us would share the rest of the chicken.

The little one might have the spare eggs.

You would be lucky if you could get a big piece of chicken.

And we ate together with a big plate of rice.


We didn't sing Happy Birthday song.

But we were very happy when a birthday celebration was held.

And we looked forward to our own birthday.

Everyone would circle their birthday's date on a calendar hanging on the wall in case my late mother forgot.

My late mother was illiterate.

But she never forgot everyone's birthday.

She never failed to prepare "the birthday feast" for each and everyone of her children, except her own.......


I couldn't remember just when we started to remember my late mother's birthday.

We came together in a restaurant.

Sometimes we took turn to celebrate in one of our own houses.

We gave her presents.

We hugged her and we kissed her.

But her real joy came from the fact that we were part of her big family.

And she would look at everyone in turn and started to recount everyone's birthday.

She never missed anyone's birthday.

She remembered the birthdays of all her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren........

Mum, you were an angel, and you still do.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Bad Mood

Smiles and laughter can make your days sparkle with happiness.

But it is not easy to squeeze out a smile when you are not in the mood.

It is equally difficult to laugh when you are always tense and up tight.

It is true that mood plays a major role in our life.

It is also true that we are easily influenced by our situations and circumstances.

But it is important to cheer up our mood in front of aging parents and little children.

It is also important to be friendly and kind to everyone all day long.

Just how do we throw out our bad mood?

Maybe listening to some soothing and relaxing music can help.

Maybe some forms of meditations and exercises can lighten up your day.

Maybe paying someone a visit or do some window shopping can be fun and inspiring.

Maybe taking a trip with nature can fill you with inner peace and joy.

Maybe and a thousand maybes.....

But don't let bad mood take a toll on you.

Don't let bad mood stand between you and your loved one.

Don't let bad mood ruin your day!

Don't let bad mood affect you at all.

A broad and ready smile can cheer up the day.

A healthy and attractive smile can give you an edge when you apply for work or help you in your interactions with others.

A friendly and sincere smile can win friends and influence even the most stubborn and difficult people.

A positive attitude and genuine smile can get you through the toughest time.

So the next time you are in bad mood, put on a nice smile.

It may brighten your day and lighten your heart.

And it can save the world from depression...[sigh]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

30 Years Ago

It was 30 years ago.

I had just completed my secondary school education.

I didn't like wasting time idling at home. So I decided to go and look for a job.

And that was how we met at a hardware shop.

You were beautiful standing a distance away.

Someone had told me you were a year older but that didn't matter when my love knew no bound.

I had my eyes on you that day. Your beautiful eyes and smiles enchanted me.

And for a moment I forgot to breathe.

My heart beckoned me to go and get to know you.

You were the type of girl that sticks in a guy's mind.

I was dumbfounded at the moment staring at you that I forgot to introduce myself.

And I still blushed even just now when I wrote about you.

My heart throbbed fast and deep down I knew I yearned for you.


The job paid well with its food and housing facilities.

The people around were great. And I still remembered them by names.

I remembered I was a strong handsome young man and I enjoyed company.

I especially loved to cut the aluminum sheet.

And I loved to show my muscles off by carrying begs of screws and nuts.

I remembered you used to eye at me and I enjoyed looking at your sparkling eyes.

But I could sense a tint of sadness in your eyes.

I only realized it when we parted.


We enjoyed each other's company. And we shared topics of interest regularly. In fact, it didn't matter about the topics. What matter most was you, my love.

We did go to movie together where I was accidentally spotted by my late sister and mother. You were beautiful in your pink dress. But the movie was a disaster. It was about love and separation on a sunset beach.


The moment came. I was to further my study far away.

When I broke the news to you, you were in tears.

And you told me that was what you feared before falling in love with me.

I told you that I would come back to you.

You just smiled... and faded away in the darkness...


Years later, I was getting more sentimental with my love songs.

I did come back to look for you. But you were not to be found.


It was 30 years ago. And the mandarin song lingered along, "I didn't forget about you but you did forget about me. And you even forget my name....."

I was still in tears. But you were not to be found... But I still remember your name......

Friday, July 10, 2009

Decision Making

Decision making is a complex process.

Decision making involves many people. And it is very difficult to please everyone. Selfish decision often brings short-term satisfaction, but rarely will it bring happiness at the end. And in the end of the day, you have more enemies than friends.

Decision making involves careful reasoning and a large measure of conjecture and hypothesis, not just hunches or intuitions. Carefully thought out decision making process takes times and patience, and not many like it and abide by the rules.

Decision making involves many choices. Decision making involves choosing the most appropriate solution to a problem from among a large number of solutions, and it is not easy. It is rewarding if it is the right choice that pleases everyone. It can be hell if the concerned parties don't agree with you.

Decision making involves determining where you want to go (objectives), which road you want to take (alternatives) and what the dangers are.

Decision making is not easy with the rapid change that characterizes our times. The problems we are trying to solve are complicated. Yet solutions abound. And it must be done amid ever-changing factors, unclear information, and conflicting points of view.

But decision making must be carried out early, otherwise it will be harder in the future.

The difference between good and bad decision making often depends on past experience, and sometimes luck.

Bad decision making often brings along a chain of bad decisions.

So the next time you make a decision, be very careful.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Have Mercy On Us

I was told that the LORD Jesus Christ healed two blind men in Jericho before His crucifixion in Jerusalem.

I was told that the two blind men were persistent to have their prayer heard even though the crowd told them to keep quiet as they felt that they were a nuisance. But they cried even louder.

The LORD Jesus Christ was compassionate. He heard their prayer from afar and came near them and touched their eyes and they were instantly healed.

The two blind men followed the LORD Jesus Christ all the way to Jerusalem, most probably they also witnessed His crucifixion.

The two blind men saw the Son of God with their own eyes. They had the faith rested in the LORD Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we seek high and low for the LORD, not knowing that He is just beside us.

Sometimes we are too proud to open our mouth to pray. The two blind men didn't speak beautiful language but the LORD Jesus heard them. The LORD heard their cries even from afar. The voices of the crowd couldn't drown the cries of earnest children of God.

The LORD is compassionate and will abundantly bless His people.

High time we carry our burden to the cross and cast upon the LORD Jesus, "Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David!" (Matt 20:31)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time To Be Sick

My body feels weak and I am sleepy. And I walk around like zombie.

With the scorching sunshine and the cloudless blue sky, with the heavy workload and the tight schedule, I eventually succumbed to illness and was asked to rest.

I have not been sick for a long while. And I feel very uneasy. Instances like this make me feels miserable and venerable. Life seems to come to a standstill and everything seems so sluggish. Inactivity is okay. But to have everything running so slowly around us is something that I can't tolerate. Oh please, make me get well again and get out of here.

I know I badly need a rest and that is what I intent to do. I really have to recover my health before I send our daughter to the airport and then help her in her registration in a renowned university tomorrow. God willing, we may have a good time together.

My breathing is getting heavy, and my shoulder aches. Frequently I cough though I am no longer feverish. And my lips are still very dry.

Sometimes responsibility outweigh everything, especially to our loved ones.

They are my lot in life and for them I will sacrifice.

Yeah, God willing, we will have a good time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speak Up Before It's Too Late

Indecision can cause us to waste a large portion of our life. Indecision can indeed ruin life.

That is what I was told and what I have discovered to be true.

If we have made up our mind to do something, we must not hesitate. Hesitation always leads us to confusion and makes us miss opportunities and chances.

If we have made up our mind to study hard, we must concentrate and focus on our studies.

If we have made up our mind to choose a certain career path, we must put our heart into it and not easily bogged down by failures and discouragements.

If we have made up our mind to win someone's heart, we must be serious in our relationship and pay much attention to each other's presence, feelings, needs and wants, etc.

Many wasted opportunities when we are not ready. Many missed chances when we don't think hard and work smart.

Many heartbreaks when we don't speak up to our beloved. Many regrets when we can't voice out in time. Looking at one other from afar in later years can be really hurting and causing more heartbreak.

If only I were more decisive... If only I were more outspoken... If only I were more straightforward... If only I were more sensitive... If only I were more considerate... Those useless words are the fruits of indecision.

Speak up before it is too late.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Does It Take To Be Successful In Life?

What does it take to be successful in life?

Some believe in self-realization and self-actualization, and the perseverance and will to survive and succeed. To them, life is full of choices and decisions. You choose what to do with the rest of your life. You decide whether to go ahead or to abort in your struggles and challenges. The choice is yours. Success in life depends totally on you. You discover and understand your strengths and weaknesses. You identify and evaluate opportunities and threats. Don't blame it on others when really it is your own doing.

Some believe in luck and wait for things to happen. They claim that they are no different from other people. It is just that they are more fortunate and privileged. They are born in a wealthy and rich family. They are around when opportunities arise. They are always at the right place at the right time. They are just plain lucky.

Some believe in wisdom and understanding. Somehow they are cleverer, smarter and wiser. They are more able to do things efficiently and effectively. They stress on quality living and successful learning. They are one class above others.

Some believe in guiding and guarding angels. They believe that they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual. They believe in the grace and mercy of God who love them and will always take good care of them through His ministering angels.

And so when you ask someone, "What does it take to be successful in life?" The answers vary widely. Some believe in their talents, abilities and skills, some believe in their upbringing, some believe in family value, tradition and culture, some believe in their changing environment or their willingness and readiness to change, some believe in luck and fortune, some believe in supernatural and spiritual forces, and some believe in God and His ministering angels.

How about you? What does it take to be successful in life?