Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Morning Sunlight

This morning the sunlight was very glaring.

I tried to look directly at it, but I just couldn't... It was a very bright light.

I was reminded of the Holiness of God and His wrath over our sins.

But I couldn't thank God enough for His amazing love and care.

The warm of the sunlight on this cold and windy morning was especially welcoming.

It lifted the spirit in me to face the world with renewed strength.

It moved me along for fresh new challenges after a long cold night.

It inspired me to great thoughts and feelings.

And I enjoyed the fresh clean air moving around my face as I walked slowly towards the office.

I presumed many who are always confined in dark small rooms knew what I meant.

It was a release and a relief from all suffering, misery, and failure.

If only we knew how to welcome the morning sunlight........

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