Monday, November 16, 2009

What Do You Think Of 2012?

Certain individuals love to portray how much they know. Piles and piles of books stacked all over in their rooms. More often than not, we hear them quote from certain renowned and respected writers. We look up to them and aspire to be like them. They look cool and stay that way throughout the day. In certain cultures, they will put on long robe, tall hat, and long beard.

Certain individuals love to show how rich they are. They buy fancy hats and shoes, frilly coats and they wear gold, diamond and silver jewelry. They own huge mansions and apartments throughout the world. They throw extravagant and bustling parties in their homes and communities. They earn millions and they spend millions. We desire to be like them.

Certain individuals love to display their qualifications, titles and designations for publicity purposes. There is an air of flair about them. They are a class of their own. They speak with confidence and conviction, with style and impact. They draw huge and loyal audiences. They are the men of the hour and people are drawn to them. They look wonderful and we desire to be like them.

And so the story goes....

But thinking deeper into it... Is knowledge and wisdom, or riches and honor... mean so much to us that they must constitute a very important part of our life?

Some say money can buy happiness. Is it true?

Some say, "Let's get rich and famous?" Is that all that important?

Some say, "Let's gain honor and respect?" Is that all that we want?

It all boils down to our priorities in life... to please men or to please God!

No two men are identical....

But all are accountable to God.

Will it be 2012? Hope not.


Rob said...

As far as 2012, I believe that "man knows not his time", and things might end in 2012, and they might not. It may very well be 2011 that Christ returns.

trlrtrash13 said...

I think if the Maya could see our destruction several centuries out they should have seen theirs coming a couple decades later.