Thursday, March 26, 2009

Freely Give, Freely Receive

Two rich men were celebrating with their guests in the same hotel at the same time.

The first man was sitting with his friends at the main table while the servants and the helpers were standing at the entrance welcoming people. They were enjoying all the exotic and costly food and drink. Once in a while, the rich man looked around at the surrounding people, nodding his head and smiling with satisfaction. There were also tables for special people. The rest of the crowd had to line up for their turn to fill their plates with food since it was served in buffet style. Sometimes they had to squeeze and push to get their food. Sometimes they had to wait in hunger for a long while before the food was replenished. The rich man was boasting to his friends how he had served a multitude of people. Very soon the grand party was over. Some went off feeling full and satisfied. Others left with disgust and disappointment when they had to leave with hungry stomach. The rich man was smiling happily but not all his guests.

The second rich man was different. He stood at the entrance welcoming all his guests. He shook many hands and greeted the huge crowd with joy. He was full of smiles and laughter. So were all his guests. He made sure that he had enough tables and food for all his guests. And he served the best food and drink for everyone. He even made sure that there were enough well-organized programs to entertain his guests, to make it a meaningful and eventful evening for everyone. It was really a grand party where everyone was happy and excited. Many stayed on until quite late, enjoying the company of the rich man. The rich man was laughing with joy, and so were all his guests.

The secret of happiness is to make other people happy. Share your bounties and share your time.

Freely give, freely receive. As you freely receive God’s love, you should also freely give of His love to the people around you.

Few people know this, and their lives are miserable until they are on their deathbed...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lying and Cheating in The Market Place

I didn't have many sweet childhood memories to share. I didn't have comfortable and cozy bedroom. I didn't have many playmates and close friends. I didn't have the luxury of tuition and study group. And I seldom played games or visited the library. What I had most of the time was an ever challenging feats against the real world in the market place.

Heavy rain or clear sky had no bearing in my life. Long before five in the morning, I had to set foot in the market place. Passing through the narrow trail in the rubber garden in complete darkness was crazy. But that was my routine for many years and I did it thoughtlessly. Frequently I slipped and fell on the roots of the trees until I was able to see through darkness. Many dogs appeared on all sides barking fiercely and chasing wildly. For most of the journey, I had to carry my school beg and my school uniform and ran like a mad cow. And mind you, I was barefooted.

And so I learned from my childhood that the world was not being fair to me.

I learned how to sweet talk my clients long before the school children learned how to speak proper sentences. I learned to look at them in their eyes and assured them of my sincerity and honesty. I learned to pay careful, thoughtful and prompt attention on them until they were hooked by my charms.

I learned to see through my clients long before I made my next moves. I learned the importance of perceiving what my clients wanted and needed, how to satisfy them and how to coax them into buying more from me. I learned to be sensitive to every move, and took the most appropriate actions as soon as possible. Sale and marketing are ongoing battles of perceptions and attentions, and there are many competitors lurking around nearby.

I learned to lie without blinking my eyes or thinking about it. I learned to cheat with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye. And I bluffed without crossing my fingers. I learned from my young age that business is lying and cheating in the first place.

I enjoyed this trade immensely until I realized the fallacy of it all. Ill-gotten gains will not last for long. And we will have to pay back many times over later in our lives. And so I have decided to call it quit early in my life.

I wanted a very honest living. I decided to study doubly hard, scored in all my tests and exam, and pursue a good career.

Yeah, I don't cheat and lie anymore. And I believe a few sincere words spoken in love and truth mean a lot more...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Son, Be Prepared For More

I remembered you were in your primary school. You worked very hard for your first public exam. You studied days and nights. You were well-prepared for your first battle. But you didn't achieve your desired result, and you cried bitterly at one corner of the house. But I was happy for you, when I saw the determination and the drive in you. And I told you, "Son, more to come, don't worry."

You stepped into secondary school. You studied days and nights. You worked doubly hard this time. You were ready to face your second battle at the end of your lower secondary education. But this time we prayed together with you for your every battle. You got straight A's and I could hear your scream of satisfaction. But I was worry for you, when I saw the pride and excitement in you. And I told you, "Son, more to come, be ready."

You studied harder and smarter this time. You were well-prepared and ready for your third battle at the end of your secondary school education. And we enjoy praying together with you before your every battle. You were filled with high expectation when the exam was over. I could see your broad smiles and the sparkles in your eyes. The result was finally announced. You had outshone everyone in school and you had achieved all A1's, and I was smiling from ear to ear with tears in my eyes. But I was anxious to see you fight your future battles. An I told you, "Son, be prepared for more."

Which parent doesn't want their children to excel and prosper? Which parent doesn't want their children to achieve their goals? As it is, "Son, be ready for more."

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Some people are single-minded in their pursuits. They can concentrate for long periods of time. Their mind is set and ready. They are fervent and ardent in desire. And they will fight to accomplish the tasks at hand. To them, nothing is impossible if one truly believe in it, if one really want it, and if one work hard and go all the way for it. They will put in everything they have just to see their dreams come true.

Some people are double-minded in their pursuits. They can only concentrate for short periods of time. They love to chase after new things and their attention is easily diverted. Their joy and love for a particular task is short-lived. Very soon they will opt out for no apparent reason. Then you will see them doing their tasks as directed and required, without any form of creativity or logical consideration to improve and upgrade themselves. They can't wait to hurry through a task that they may relax or finding some other things of interest. Inconsistency and hypocrisy have caused the fall of many, they become inefficient and ineffective in their pursuits.

Some people are empty-minded in their pursuits. They cannot concentrate on anything in their lives. Nothing can draw their attention. Nothing will stir them up to action, and they just don't like to follow orders. They walk around doing nothing but targeting others. They love to turn discussions into strife and argument. They love to criticize and condemn others. They just love to create more dislike, displeasure, dissatisfaction, distrust, envy, embitterment, contempt, and a whole lot of others that hurt more to others. Then they walk away feeling very happy and satisfied. They are born a loner, a loser, anti-social, anti-establishment, and they can never share their lives long with others. They love to keep things to themselves, stay away far from the crowd, look scornfully at others, sneering at others as much as they want, but often barking at the wrong tree. These people are totally defeated in their everyday life.

If we can all be single-minded, whole-hearted, and fully committed in the things we do, and seek to share them for the benefits of the rest of the world, and learn to appreciate others more and more, then this world will be a much, much better place for all of us. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handwriting Can Tell

Some people write very neatly and tidily because they are careful how and what they write. Writing is the expression of the mind of the writer.

Some people scribble when they write because the flow of thoughts come naturally from the conscious mind when they are inspired to write.

Some people are careful to highlight and underline the sentences that they write to emphasize their points.

Some people concentrate fully to what and how they write until they have no desire for any conversation at the time.

Some write as the thoughts come. Others think through and note down details before they pen the words.

Some write only what is required. Others go all the way to elaborate every point they want to stress. And add more illustrations.

Some write with styles. Others write in clear, straight forward language.

Whatever it is, I always remind my students to write properly because handwriting do reflect one's character. And good handwriting can build up one's outlook of life.

So the next time you plan to write, try to be extra careful to what and how you write. It may greatly affect you and those around you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Don't Have To Pretend Who You Are

Teachers love to put up a serious face in front of their students. Some say it is to get respected. Others say to avoid indiscipline. But they are seen talking and joking freely in the school compound with their colleagues and friends in front of the students. And when the students chip in, they don't seem to mind. I think this is unnecessary.

Parents don't normally smile and laugh with their children. And they quote the same reasons. But they are seen laughing and jeering with their relatives and friends in front of their children. And they don't seem to mind if their children join in. I think this is discrimination.

You are you. You don't need to pretend, especially to your students and children.

Note: Now you know why teachers are so stressful, pretending for the whole day and night. LOL

Quarrels and splits with our little ones begin with misunderstanding, suspicion and resentment. Until and unless you treat everyone as equal, you are going to deal with these problems forever.

Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Teacher's Cry

I love to teach. I always go to my class with enthusiasm. God has given me the ability to speak well and I don't shudder when I am required to address a crowd.

I love to look at my students in the eyes. I want to get them ready for my lesson and I want to know what they think about my lesson.

I test them with questions. I want to get them involved in my lesson and I want to understand what they have learned.

I can never let a lesson goes by without imparting some practical knowledge to these young ones. God has put me here for another day to deliver His message to them that they may live well.

I don't joke much but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve when my students get restless. My regret is that I can't find suitable jokes and humors related to my lesson.

I used to give my students a 5-minute break after sometime. I want them to relax, to stretch themselves, to look around and talk with their friends or to go to the restroom.

I love to summarize my lesson at the end of the session. I see the importance of reminding them the lessons they have learned.

My only regret is that I cannot sit with them in the hall during their public examination, to give them the boost and the confidence they need. LOL.

Students, do you understand the teacher's cry?