Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Son, Be Prepared For More

I remembered you were in your primary school. You worked very hard for your first public exam. You studied days and nights. You were well-prepared for your first battle. But you didn't achieve your desired result, and you cried bitterly at one corner of the house. But I was happy for you, when I saw the determination and the drive in you. And I told you, "Son, more to come, don't worry."

You stepped into secondary school. You studied days and nights. You worked doubly hard this time. You were ready to face your second battle at the end of your lower secondary education. But this time we prayed together with you for your every battle. You got straight A's and I could hear your scream of satisfaction. But I was worry for you, when I saw the pride and excitement in you. And I told you, "Son, more to come, be ready."

You studied harder and smarter this time. You were well-prepared and ready for your third battle at the end of your secondary school education. And we enjoy praying together with you before your every battle. You were filled with high expectation when the exam was over. I could see your broad smiles and the sparkles in your eyes. The result was finally announced. You had outshone everyone in school and you had achieved all A1's, and I was smiling from ear to ear with tears in my eyes. But I was anxious to see you fight your future battles. An I told you, "Son, be prepared for more."

Which parent doesn't want their children to excel and prosper? Which parent doesn't want their children to achieve their goals? As it is, "Son, be ready for more."


Salute said...

I believe all parents want their children to excel and prosper. We as parents try hard to pave the way so that our children can have a brighter future than us.

Retinna Bell said...

I almost started to cry reading this post. And I realize now that I just left another comment at your other blog. God has truly blessed you with a gift for writing. Write when you feel like and, as well as when you don't. Honor Him with His gift to you by continuing to use it. :^)

Star-chuu said...

I do praying for the future of my daughter, being her dad and mom, I witnessed her struggles in her studies to get her goals, the goals that she tries to achieve from her primary to secondary school. She never stops to fight the rivalry of her life, how many times she failed, she can stand, because of this struggles she encountered. I really love my daughter, I am the first one to feel the hurt if she is suffering. Thanks for this post, pls. check her blog too,http://www.pinx-hollix.blogspot.com
I really love to stay in your blog, your one of my favorite novelist..
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. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

addyforest said...

It was a great post,Keep posting.