Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handwriting Can Tell

Some people write very neatly and tidily because they are careful how and what they write. Writing is the expression of the mind of the writer.

Some people scribble when they write because the flow of thoughts come naturally from the conscious mind when they are inspired to write.

Some people are careful to highlight and underline the sentences that they write to emphasize their points.

Some people concentrate fully to what and how they write until they have no desire for any conversation at the time.

Some write as the thoughts come. Others think through and note down details before they pen the words.

Some write only what is required. Others go all the way to elaborate every point they want to stress. And add more illustrations.

Some write with styles. Others write in clear, straight forward language.

Whatever it is, I always remind my students to write properly because handwriting do reflect one's character. And good handwriting can build up one's outlook of life.

So the next time you plan to write, try to be extra careful to what and how you write. It may greatly affect you and those around you.


Salute said...

Good advice and overall a great post.

JDBelle said...

Hello! I love all of your articles. I do appreciate all teachers since they helped everybody who wants to learn.

With regards to this article of yours, I can remember I have an aunt that so selfish. She doesn't want me to read her graphology book (the science of handwriting). So when I got a job after graduating in college, I immediately bought m own graphology book.


Angelwings said...

My handwriting has always been awful, maybe because I write as I think. Penmanship and copy work has become an important part of our home schooling over the last two or three years.

Have a Great Day!
Laurel Santiago

SongDiary said...

I once read from Yahoo news that cursive has become outlandish or just a pigment of the past because of computer/keyboards. It feels sad that more and more people does not even know what "cursive" means.

Anyway, thanks for your "points to writing". I am a slow learner, trying hard to be a writer. ;-)