Thursday, May 28, 2009

Think Well, Feel Well, and Do Well

Some said, "Do what you can." And so there are action-oriented people who work hard to achieve their goals. They don't waste times on unattainable goals. To them, personal achievement is great gain for self-motivation and more accomplishment. They will concentrate on what is practical and feasible and they don't daydream so much. They may end up living a simple lifestyle or they may have been highly successful in their fields of expertise. Nonetheless, they believe in hard work and strive to improve their lives.

Some said, "Do what you feel is right." And so there are desire-oriented people who chase after their dreams. To them, personal gratification is great gain for self-fulfillment and actualization. They will concentrate on what they feel is right. Some are absolutely amazing, influential and commanding in everything they do, while others have their heart broken and live a secluded life. Nonetheless, they feel right and continue to hold on to their beliefs.

Some said, "Do what you think is right." And so there are thought-oriented people who think and analyze everything they do. To them, personal reasoning is great gain for self-evaluation and reflection. They will concentrate on what they think is right. Some are widely renowned and respected in the society, while others remain anonymous and unknown. Nonetheless, they believe in logical and creative thinking.

The doers may not think well and feel well, the thinkers may not feel well and do well, and those who emphasize on feelings may not think well and do well. Nonetheless, everyone holds on to what they believe.

Maybe we need to think well, feel well, and do well. Failure of which can prevent us from achieving our full potentials.

But which one we emphasize first?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Friends Are Really Hard To Find

Good friends are hard to find. So when we find someone really nice, let's cherish it, nourish it and treasure it. Good friends are getting lesser these days because many of us are getting more stubborn and always love to insist on having our own ways.

Some make friends with their bosses with the intention to move effectively in their circle, or because they badly need a raise or a promotion. Some think it is cheap and dirty trick while others believe this is really necessary.

Some make friends in order to make use of them. They give them prizes and rewards, they give them positions and privileges, or they give them freedom to do what they want. Sometimes they even bend to their requests and demands. Some think it is not right because they are using others to achieve their personal goals. Others may think it is okay because that is how the world operates. Often by doing so, they pay the prize of having more enemies and less friends. But the common notion is, "I don't care!"

Some make friends because of organization goals. They require mutual assistance and coordination. Together they encourage and foster teamwork in all their works. They have a common vision and mission to achieve their objectives and goals. Sometimes they are never friends for long, or friends at all.

There are others who love to make friends because of their fields of interest. They desire to improve their knowledge and skills. They spend much time discussing and sharing, sometimes deep into the night. Sometimes the motive is pure, but there are times when they have selfish desire to outshine one another.

Real friends are really hard to find. But when you do, you have so much to share and confide. David found his acquaintance in Jonathan while christians found them in the LORD Jesus Christ.

Maybe a simple smile can bring close a relationship. Let's do it more often.

The funny thing in life is, "Why so many still insist on arguments and dissensions, and love more enmity and hatred?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Teachers' Day

16th May 2009 – Another Teachers' Day Celebration; another round of applause by their students. Everyone was smiling and laughing happily, many jokes and humors were thrown around, and we greeted one another in love and appreciation.

Some teachers received many cards, flowers and tokens of love and affection, while some others just sat down unattended in a quiet corner doing their own works. Does Teachers' Day really show or portray the appreciations students have upon the numerous and tedious sacrifices their teachers have made for them? Is it their special way to say thank you? I doubt it.

Many were taking this day to throw class party, that they could have a good break from the usual routine. Teachers were invited and encouraged to join them. It was just mere fun time.

Well planned and organized programs and functions at the school level must be carried out to show proper appreciation to the sacrifices teachers make to the future generations.

They are the human architects that help shape the future of the nation.

To all the dedicated, caring and enthusiastic teachers, Happy Teachers' Day.

If no one appreciate your roles, God will... and will reward you abundantly in due time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shattered Windscreen

I never knew it could be that bad. But that Saturday when my van had a broken windscreen, my heart also shattered.

We were on our way back from my in-law's house. It was late afternoon and was raining heavily. We were on a muddy and stony road, and I was driving slowly. A pick-up truck sped through. Dust and stones flew into the air. Before we realized what happened, we saw our van windscreen cracked slowly before our eyes.

We couldn’t see our way. So my wife and I had to remove the shattered windscreen. In the process of removing the glasses, we had quite a few cuts.

The rain water poured in and we were all soaking wet. The children were pale with fear and shuddered in cold. But none of them cried. I was very proud of them.

The rain was getting heavier. Lightning flashed once in a while and the thunders remained loud and deafening. I looked at my wife. We had a common understanding that we were to pray.

I drove the van slowly for an hour or so. There were few vehicles along the way. The winds were strong and blowing from all directions. I believed we got a few more cuts, hopefully not on the children. The whole van was soaking wet and we were all shivering uncontrollably.

We were smiling with joy and thankfulness when we reached our home by 5 pm. I told the children to take a quick bath and reminded my wife to make them a hot drink. Then I drove alone to the workshop.

I met the owner and requested to have a new windscreen fixed by the next day. For on Monday, I had to send the children to school and I myself had to go to work. The owner was a good friend of my family and was always ready with a reassuring smile. His immediately telephoned the supplier. It was a great favor from him since Sunday was his day of rest.

I met him the next morning. He was alone and his workshop was closed. But the new windscreen was lying there smiling at me. My friend carefully and slowly helped me to fix the new windscreen. I remembered he was in his late 50s, but still had good eyesight. It was perfectly done in no time and I was very happy about it. I thanked him for his willingness to help me on his rest day. And he just told me what were friends for... He refused to accept more from me and insisted that I paid him the minimal amount. I looked at him with gratitude and patted him on a shoulder before I left.

As I left the workshop, I realized the value of a true friend. Now I understood that real friends always stood by you, to accompany and to help in times of needs.

Oh yeah, that day I may have a shattered windscreen, but then the incident brings closer my family and my friend...

Everytime we saw or talked about broken windscreens, we would all shiver and tremble, but always with smile and laughter. We had a truly unforgettable experience.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Walking Around Town

I remembered a few years ago when I started walking around town, it took me more than an hour and a half to complete my round. I had to stop often and each stop took me longer and longer time to recover. I panted a lot, sweating profusely and smelled awful. I could often hear my deep and heavy breaths and my face must have turned super red. My shoulder ached most of the time and my limbs just refused to obey me. My hip was extraordinary heavy and painful. I wondered each time when I stopped, whether my legs muscles could bear my weight any longer... Oh! how awful I would be if I collapse on the roadside.

I had always thought that walking was easy, but then I realized just how heavy I was. My wife spurred me on by slowly walking beside me and gave me encouraging words.

We had practiced for days and the pains became more bearable. We slowly learned that we had to walk straight to reduce the pains and our heel must hit the ground first. We had to swing our arms as we walked briskly and breathing naturally fast.

After our walking session, we slept like a log and we often needed some days to recover. But after some months, walking had become a daily routine and we really enjoyed it and looked forward to it. And after a year or so later, we were able to complete our round in 40 minutes non-stop.

These days, we still continue walking. But we limit it to our surrounding housing estates. We no longer enjoy walking around town because we just can't bear the heavy traffic, the hot weather, and the many greeting hands along the way.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

God Does Miracles

I believed in miracles. I still do.

I was in my high school when I was infected with sore eyes. In fact a few of us in the same class were infected by it at the same time. The beauty of the time was that we were allowed to use sunglasses to attend class. But mind you, a crying man was neither attractive nor glamorous; the pain was really intense that you wouldn't feel like smiling and talking, and you always cry... in public.

The infection came at the wrong time; we had only a few days before the mock exam. I for one was very depressed because I never like to face any battle by mere chance; I want to see the fruits of my labor after these many months of hard work.

Sitting in a dark corner of my dormitory, I began to pray. "God, I don't know who you are, but I believe in You. Be merciful to me and heal me of my sore eyes so that I can sit for my exam. God, lead me to You that I may understand you more." I had a sound sleep after that.

I woke up early the next day. The pain was gone. And there was no more discharge from the eyes. I thanked God earnestly that day for answering my prayer.

I was able to study well for the exam while my friends were struggling with the dark glasses. And I scored my exam.

A few days later, a good friend of mine passed me a chinese Bible.

I can't explain. God just answered my prayers.

And He still does... every day, without me realizing it.