Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Friends Are Really Hard To Find

Good friends are hard to find. So when we find someone really nice, let's cherish it, nourish it and treasure it. Good friends are getting lesser these days because many of us are getting more stubborn and always love to insist on having our own ways.

Some make friends with their bosses with the intention to move effectively in their circle, or because they badly need a raise or a promotion. Some think it is cheap and dirty trick while others believe this is really necessary.

Some make friends in order to make use of them. They give them prizes and rewards, they give them positions and privileges, or they give them freedom to do what they want. Sometimes they even bend to their requests and demands. Some think it is not right because they are using others to achieve their personal goals. Others may think it is okay because that is how the world operates. Often by doing so, they pay the prize of having more enemies and less friends. But the common notion is, "I don't care!"

Some make friends because of organization goals. They require mutual assistance and coordination. Together they encourage and foster teamwork in all their works. They have a common vision and mission to achieve their objectives and goals. Sometimes they are never friends for long, or friends at all.

There are others who love to make friends because of their fields of interest. They desire to improve their knowledge and skills. They spend much time discussing and sharing, sometimes deep into the night. Sometimes the motive is pure, but there are times when they have selfish desire to outshine one another.

Real friends are really hard to find. But when you do, you have so much to share and confide. David found his acquaintance in Jonathan while christians found them in the LORD Jesus Christ.

Maybe a simple smile can bring close a relationship. Let's do it more often.

The funny thing in life is, "Why so many still insist on arguments and dissensions, and love more enmity and hatred?


Ratty said...

For some people it is very easy to make friends. For others, such as myself, it is difficult. I wonder if those who have many friends really have many close friends.

lilyruth said...

Your words are so wise and true good friends ae hard to find and this is why the friends I have met on the internet I cherish and try to keep altho they cannot see my smiles I place these smiles the words i print and hope it brings a smile to their faces and brightens up their day. I stopped by and Dropped an ECard n you and also clicked on your adgitize ads here and invite youto stop by my blogs and click on my adgitize ads Im new at adgitize and Id like to earn some points also my blogs are at and also at and also I invite you to visit me and vote for me at each vote is so important andits to fight against animal cruelty check it out and see and do vote for me. thank you @lilruth

vanilla said...

To find a best friend, most of the time we have to firstly become one.
When I looked back, most of the best friends I have, started when I have good opinion about them and treat them as if I am their best friend. The rest just follow.

Salute said...

Friends make favorite memories when they are true indeed. But a true is friend is hard to find.

Star-chuu said...

Friends is not to have someone who might complete you..but to have someone whom you might share your incompleteness with. With you're friends you can know yourself, you can learn more from them and share with them love. I do love my friends , I don't mind who they are, what they are, the important is, I cherish the time that we shared together, in times of trouble, failures, pain and happiness.