Thursday, May 28, 2009

Think Well, Feel Well, and Do Well

Some said, "Do what you can." And so there are action-oriented people who work hard to achieve their goals. They don't waste times on unattainable goals. To them, personal achievement is great gain for self-motivation and more accomplishment. They will concentrate on what is practical and feasible and they don't daydream so much. They may end up living a simple lifestyle or they may have been highly successful in their fields of expertise. Nonetheless, they believe in hard work and strive to improve their lives.

Some said, "Do what you feel is right." And so there are desire-oriented people who chase after their dreams. To them, personal gratification is great gain for self-fulfillment and actualization. They will concentrate on what they feel is right. Some are absolutely amazing, influential and commanding in everything they do, while others have their heart broken and live a secluded life. Nonetheless, they feel right and continue to hold on to their beliefs.

Some said, "Do what you think is right." And so there are thought-oriented people who think and analyze everything they do. To them, personal reasoning is great gain for self-evaluation and reflection. They will concentrate on what they think is right. Some are widely renowned and respected in the society, while others remain anonymous and unknown. Nonetheless, they believe in logical and creative thinking.

The doers may not think well and feel well, the thinkers may not feel well and do well, and those who emphasize on feelings may not think well and do well. Nonetheless, everyone holds on to what they believe.

Maybe we need to think well, feel well, and do well. Failure of which can prevent us from achieving our full potentials.

But which one we emphasize first?


rainfield61 said...

Start with a good planning can help to acheive good result.
Otherwise, instead of looking for "well", we shall see the "hell".

Ratty said...

I think maybe we should think well first. That will probably help us feel well. And when we have both of those, we can then think and feel well enough to do well.

Anonymous said...

If only I were balanced enough for all of them.