Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Independence Day

It is nearing the end of August.

My country, Malaysia, is celebrating its 53rd Independence Day in two days time.

With great anticipation and excitement, with heartfelt thank and appreciation, every Malaysian is waiting for the Day!

Happy Merdeka Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Malaysia Independence Day!


Much has been written and said about Malaysia.

It is a beautiful country with its hospitable people and amazing landscape, and its multiple customs, traditions, cultures, races and religions, and its fantastic food and interesting people........

Welcome to Malaysia and enjoy your trip here.

I love my Malaysia.

It’s my dream to see it become one of the safest, cleanest, busiest, attractive and popular countries in the world.

It’s my desire to see Malaysia become one of the popular and lively tourist spots of the world.

Happy Merdeka (Independence) Day.

Come and celebrate the Independence Day with us.

And experience the difference today.

Happy Independence Day

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Piece Of Cake

I received the following story through an email and I decided to pass it on.

Sometimes we ask ourselves: What did I do to deserve this? Why does God let these things happen to me?

Here is the explanation...

A daughter tells her mother how everything is going wrong for her; she probably failed her exam, or her boyfriend has just dumped her for her best friend.

In times so sad, a good mother knows just the thing to cheer up her daughter...

"I will make a delicious cake." In that moment the mother hugged her daughter and walked her to the kitchen, while her daughter attempted to smile.

While the mother prepared the utensils and ingredients, her daughter sat across from her at the counter.

Her mother asks, "Sweetheart, would you like a piece of cake?"

Her daughter replies, "Sure, mom, you know how I love cake."

"Alright..." the mother said, "Drink some of this cooking oil."

Shocked, the daughter responded, "What? No way!"

"How about a couple of raw eggs?"

To this the daughter responded, "Are you kidding?"

"How about a little flour?"

"No, mom, I’ll be sick!"

The mother responded, "All of these things are uncooked and taste bad, but if you put them together... they make a delicious cake!"

"God works the same way. When we ask ourselves why does he make us go through these difficult times, we don’t realize the what or where these events may bring us. Only He knows and he will not let us fall. We don’t need to settle for the raw ingredients. Trust in Him and see something fantastic come about!"

"God loves us so much. He send us flowers every spring. He makes the sun rise every morning. And anytime you need to talk, He is there to listen!"

"He can live anywhere in the universe, but He chooses to live in your heart!"

"Believe it and your day will be a piece of cake!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Ordinary Man

An ordinary man with an ordinary car and an ordinary house, and that is what I am.

There are many other ordinary men with ordinary cars and ordinary houses.

There are many more with extraordinary cars and extraordinary houses.

Then, there are also extraordinary men with extraordinary houses and extraordinary cars.

These are no surprise to me.

But then there are extraordinary men with a very ordinary house and a very ordinary car. And he or she is very contented.

And this surprises me.


There are more to life than material comforts and physical pleasure.

There are many worthwhile pursuits and ways of life.

There are scholarly, academic and intellectual pursuits.

There are recreational, leisure and outdoor pursuits.

There are communitarian pursuits.

There are agricultural pursuits.

There are artistic and creative pursuits.

There are spiritual and religious pursuits.

In fact, there are numerous legitimate and honorable pursuits in life that is worth having.


A man with a very ordinary car and a very ordinary house needn’t feel very ordinary.

After all, he or she is very special in God's eyes.

And in fact, there is no ordinary man.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Living Friendship

How many flowers end up at the funeral home?

How many flowers did the dead people enjoy while they were alive?

I would rather have a rose and some kind words from a friend while I'm here, than a whole truck load when I'm gone. Just see how many bouquets we can end up with!


Good friends are wonderful gifts of God to men.

Happiness will keep us sweet,

Trials will make us strong,

Sorrows will keep us human,

Failures will make us humble,

And success will keep us glowing,

Only friends can keep us going!

But see how many friends we have got today!


Thank you my friends for being a part of my life, whether you are a reason, a season or a lifetime.

May God bless you with many more good friends.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Magic Cure For Losers

I received the following story through an email and I decided to pass it on.

The next time when we feel like GOD can't use us, we just remember....

Noah was a drunk,

Abraham was too old,

Isaac was a daydreamer,

Jacob was a liar,

Leah was ugly,

Joseph was abused,

Moses had a stuttering problem,

Gideon was afraid,

Samson had long hair and was a womanizer,

Rahab was a prostitute,

Jeremiah and Timothy were too young,

David had an affair and was a murderer,

Elijah was suicidal,

Isaiah preached naked,

Jonah ran from God,

Naomi was a widow,

Job went bankrupt,

Peter denied Christ 3 times,

The Disciples fell asleep while praying,

Martha worried about everything,

Mary Magdalene was promiscuous,

The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once...,

Zaccheus was too small,

Paul was too religious,

Timothy had an ulcer,

And Lazarus was dead!


Now! we have no more excuses!

God can use us to our full potential.

If God has forgiven our sins, then we should forgive ourselves too.

Be encouraged to use our full potential for the Kingdom of God.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Come To Shore

Many a time, we are being swept along in life, and are powerless to do anything to change its course; we are dragged along by life’s events, occurrences and circumstances.

There are times when we decide to put up a fight, not willing to accept what is laid before us. Sometimes, we do succeed in having our way; but sometimes, we are like a fish being caught, waiting to be brought to shore and face our end.

Some of us are overwhelmed by the burdens and demands of life. Everything needs money and everything is a priority; everyone just knows when to ask for money when we are broke. Life really knows how to kick us while we’re down, making us unable to stand up again.

I have a friend who was once very successful in life, but is now deeply saddened by the news of his father’s death. His father had been his ardent defender and staunch supporter.

Everyone forms a support system very early in life; our successes and failures in life have a great deal to do with our family, relatives, neighbors and friends around us. Life is never just an everyday struggle on our own; we need their prayers, advice, help, love and moral supports. But when everything is taken away, it can and will be a very sad thing.

When we are left destitute by fate or failure, often we will give up on our dreams and be like everyone else. We will be struck by the realities of life, seeking only to struggle to live and survive.

Like the fishermen struggling in the sea for survival, we need to come back to shore, build our family, meet our relatives and friends, adapt to new environments, have a new lifestyle, and try to search and discover the real man in us.

Life is not just what we give and provide for people around us; it is also how we live, help and learn together, making our world a better place to live and enjoy, and our life more meaningful and fruitful.

Come to shore, my friends, everyone needs you, and have a nice weekend.