Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Independence Day

It is nearing the end of August.

My country, Malaysia, is celebrating its 53rd Independence Day in two days time.

With great anticipation and excitement, with heartfelt thank and appreciation, every Malaysian is waiting for the Day!

Happy Merdeka Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Malaysia Independence Day!


Much has been written and said about Malaysia.

It is a beautiful country with its hospitable people and amazing landscape, and its multiple customs, traditions, cultures, races and religions, and its fantastic food and interesting people........

Welcome to Malaysia and enjoy your trip here.

I love my Malaysia.

It’s my dream to see it become one of the safest, cleanest, busiest, attractive and popular countries in the world.

It’s my desire to see Malaysia become one of the popular and lively tourist spots of the world.

Happy Merdeka (Independence) Day.

Come and celebrate the Independence Day with us.

And experience the difference today.

Happy Independence Day

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