Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Ordinary Man

An ordinary man with an ordinary car and an ordinary house, and that is what I am.

There are many other ordinary men with ordinary cars and ordinary houses.

There are many more with extraordinary cars and extraordinary houses.

Then, there are also extraordinary men with extraordinary houses and extraordinary cars.

These are no surprise to me.

But then there are extraordinary men with a very ordinary house and a very ordinary car. And he or she is very contented.

And this surprises me.


There are more to life than material comforts and physical pleasure.

There are many worthwhile pursuits and ways of life.

There are scholarly, academic and intellectual pursuits.

There are recreational, leisure and outdoor pursuits.

There are communitarian pursuits.

There are agricultural pursuits.

There are artistic and creative pursuits.

There are spiritual and religious pursuits.

In fact, there are numerous legitimate and honorable pursuits in life that is worth having.


A man with a very ordinary car and a very ordinary house needn’t feel very ordinary.

After all, he or she is very special in God's eyes.

And in fact, there is no ordinary man.