Sunday, August 1, 2010

Come To Shore

Many a time, we are being swept along in life, and are powerless to do anything to change its course; we are dragged along by life’s events, occurrences and circumstances.

There are times when we decide to put up a fight, not willing to accept what is laid before us. Sometimes, we do succeed in having our way; but sometimes, we are like a fish being caught, waiting to be brought to shore and face our end.

Some of us are overwhelmed by the burdens and demands of life. Everything needs money and everything is a priority; everyone just knows when to ask for money when we are broke. Life really knows how to kick us while we’re down, making us unable to stand up again.

I have a friend who was once very successful in life, but is now deeply saddened by the news of his father’s death. His father had been his ardent defender and staunch supporter.

Everyone forms a support system very early in life; our successes and failures in life have a great deal to do with our family, relatives, neighbors and friends around us. Life is never just an everyday struggle on our own; we need their prayers, advice, help, love and moral supports. But when everything is taken away, it can and will be a very sad thing.

When we are left destitute by fate or failure, often we will give up on our dreams and be like everyone else. We will be struck by the realities of life, seeking only to struggle to live and survive.

Like the fishermen struggling in the sea for survival, we need to come back to shore, build our family, meet our relatives and friends, adapt to new environments, have a new lifestyle, and try to search and discover the real man in us.

Life is not just what we give and provide for people around us; it is also how we live, help and learn together, making our world a better place to live and enjoy, and our life more meaningful and fruitful.

Come to shore, my friends, everyone needs you, and have a nice weekend.


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