Monday, November 30, 2009

Dreaming Is Not Bad After All

Every man has dreams...

... and I am no different.

When I was young, I had many ambitious dreams.

I wanted to be an expert and a specialist in the fields that people respected and admired.

I wanted to be a brave man and a great hero that people looked up to for safety and protection.

I wanted to be a wise and knowledgeable man that people loved to draw near for guidance and enlightenment.

I wanted to be a romantic and charming person that people flocked around with eagerness and excitement.

I wanted to be an influential and charismatic leader that people upheld and believed.

Some of these hopes and dreams died fast with age...

... Situations and circumstances had changed everything.

It seemed cruel but necessary.

It is God's way to make us grow and realize our gifts and talents.

But some of these hopes and dreams died very slowly.

We had stubbornly held on to them until they hurt us and everyone around us...

... Time to let go and let God.......


But deep inside, I still believe that everyone must continue to have dreams...

... and I am no different.

Big dreams....small dreams....

Without dreams, there will be no hope and no interest in life.

Without hope, there will be no vision and no future.

So I rather have dreams... and many of them....

...than bow down to fate and wrestle continually with reality.

Well, let's dream...

... Dreaming is not bad after all.

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