Monday, November 9, 2009

Learning From Our Mistakes And Failures

Experiences tell us that rush and last minute decisions always lead to bad and undesirable outcomes.

Everyone knows that.

But not everyone has learned this lesson after years of experience.

Many of us still make the same mistakes over and again.

Many of us continue to regret and feel sorry for our bad decisions and terrible failures.

And history quietly repeats itself.

Nothing much change after thousands years of human history.

The same mistakes all over again....

The same poor decisions abound......

The same failures occur again......

Yah, we always claim that we have learned from our past experiences......

But just how much have we learned from our bad decisions?

Just how much have we learned from our mistakes and failures?

If life is a journey of discovery.......

Why do we never learn to discover ourselves?

Why do we always blame others, and not ourselves?

Why do we always criticize others, and not ourselves?

Why do we always judge others, and not ourselves?

The rest of the world has learned from their bad decisions and failures, and are moving forward.

But those of us who continue to be rumor mongers, harsh critics, backstabbers... are finding it harder to move a step forward.

Oh, just when will we learn from our mistakes and failures?


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