Sunday, December 6, 2009

Everyone Can Sing

I believe everyone can sing.

Everyone can hum some tunes and sing along.

It is the gift of God.

It is as natural as breathing.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 or A-B-C.

It is good that some among us are talented with sweet and melodious voice.... Some of us can sing with emotion and feeling.... And some of us can stir up great excitement and instill great joy among people with their enchanting and captivating voice.

These are natural singers with talented voice.... or they may be seasoned singers with years of practices and training. Whatever....... It is just wonderful to have them around.

It is good to have some singing, dancing, fun, and games in family gatherings or functions... It helps to alleviate the stress and tension among family members.... And it helps to promote love and affection.

We had a family gathering the previous night celebrating the engagement of our niece.

It was a fun evening that brought up lots of sweet memories and stories.

I especially loved the singing and dancing session.

Though many of us were singing with a hoarse and unrefined voice, though many of us just couldn't sing well even with lyrics and our glasses on.... we all enjoyed the moment of togetherness.... and it meant so much to each one of us especially after the demise of our parents...

Yah, singing is fun and singing is good for family gatherings.

And the funny thing I discovered that night was............

Everyone can sing.


prettyfirefly said...

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Sandy said...

I love singing, good singing but don't think I agree everyone can sing. Sometimes people are so bad at it, it makes me wince and hurts my ears.

Maybe that's from years of enjoying my daughter who's quite talented. Sang in more choirs than I can count, traveled and performed globally. She sings in church choirs and weddings now; not as much time to perform as before.

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