Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chasing After A Better Life

There will come a time when we must face the truth.

Those who have taken some courses know that there will be an evaluation, an assessement or a test waiting for them.

Those who have joined a contest or a competition know that they have to wait patiently for the results to be revealed.

The moment of anticipation and the anticipated moment are not easy to bear.

The results may be as expected or may be surprising.

Some may jump up in joy, others may get angry and frustrated.

It is wonderful to see our loved ones soaking in joy, and we share their happiness.

It is heartbreaking to see our loved ones shedding tears, and we share their pains and sorrow.

Crying is usually a very good remedy for a broken heart.

Thank God for the ability to shed tears, to release all our feelings.

The company of family members, relatives and friends are also helpful in dire situations.

But ultimately we need to make sure that the suffering parties stand on their own feet.

They must face the music.

We may help them to analyze the problems at hand and to suggest some ideas or helpful solutions.

But we must leave them to make their own decisions.

Sometimes it is the lack of interests and enthusiasm that have affected the outcomes.

Sometimes it is the lack of preparation and practice...

Sometimes it is the faults of the teachers and trainers......

Sometime it is the system or the course layout...

Whatever is the problem, remedies must be found.

We must not easily give up.

Problems must be faced and tackled.

Maybe we need to show more interest and enthusiasm.

Maybe we need to develop good learning skill and strategy.

Maybe we need a good team to study together.

Or maybe we should work harder, postponing or forgoing some legitimate and less important activities.

Whatever it is, we must encourage them to stand up and face the challenges.

Who knows, by doing so, we enter into a gate for new knowledge and understanding?

Who knows that God has intended it that way to make us realise His presence and His help in our hours of need?

It's frustrating and depressing to see someone we love bogged down by challenges and competition.

But that is the nature of life - to explore and to find the meaning behind all that is to know.

It is true that no man is an island.

But equally true ia the fact that no one is to give in or to give up easily.

Challenges and struggle is part and parcel of life.

When will we get out of our comfort zone?

A life of giving without receiving in return will be boring, and we will most probably unable to enjoy our life for long.

And that is what I will do, ever seeking and working for ways and means to live life to the fullest.

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