Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep Running, Oh Man

I have not been running for a long time.

For the past few days of my school holidays, I had decided to have some keep fit and weight-reducing programs.

Age is catching up and weight is going up. I will become a fat old man in no time. Besides, breathing is getting shorter and faster after some activities.

My wife and I decided to walk around the housing estate after 4.30 in the afternoon. It was a casual walk at first before we changed into a brisk walk.

It was scorching hot but we continued walking with a small towel on our shoulder. We didn't stop intentionally for the surrounding views.

My wife is always fit and she is a good runner. But for my sake, she had decided to slow down her pace and walk with me.

Two days ago I decided to start running. I thought since I could walk non-stop for an hour, I should be ready to run.

I started off well. But after a hundred steps or so, I realized that I was running slower than I walked. My wife laughed silently but encouraged me on.

I had finished running 4 laps in a small park... and I was panting like a man on a very long journey. My face was red hot and I could imagine the onlookers were smiling and laughing as if they were watching comedy show.

But it was okay. It is better I start now or never... then they will see me crawling like a snail on the floor.

Nevertheless, it was a good walk and a good run... Only that I had a hard time snoring at night. LOL


rainfield61 said...

Good running, and running is good.

Anonymous said...

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

If you want to run, remember to start out for short times at first and work up. Running is really harder on your knees and shins and i heard that walking is really the better exercise. Be careful, you don't want to hurt yourself.

Rosie said...

LOL sounds a lot like me when I try to run anywhere! I remember when I trained for a sponsored run we were told to walk for two mins then run for one min then walk for two etc. Then build it up to walking for one min run for two. Then increase the times for running and walking. Don't know if that would be of any help!

Franko said...

A good run made is worth it. At least it keeps you ahead of the walking folks.