Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chasing Dreams

When we were little boys and girls, we had lots of dreams.

We loved role-play games.

We enjoyed looking at the moon and the stars.

Then, we started to chase after butterflies and dragonflies.

And then, we chased after someone we loved.

Then we realized that we had too many dreams.

And we began to sort out our dreams.

We tried to write down what we really wanted in our diary.

And our teacher insisted that we wrote an essay on "My Ambition".

Then we realized that we must plan well to realize our dreams.

And so we learned all the arts and skills.

And we attended many counseling sessions and group talks.

Then we worked very hard to achieve our dreams.

We went through trials and errors.

We told ourselves not to give up, no matter how bad the situations were.

We told ourselves not to surrender, no matter how bad we had felt.

We told ourselves to strive for ways and means to clear all obstacles hindering our dreams.

Then we saw with our eyes someone achieved their dreams the easy ways.

They had achieved their dreams overnight.

They had out-performed us many times over.

They had achieved their dreams with very little efforts and in a very short time.

And we became jealous and complaining.

Anyway, somehow or other, we did achieve some of our dreams....


Some have found joy and satisfaction in their dreams.

Others continue to seek for more.

Is life merely chasing after our dreams?

Some have said that "Everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind."

And they have pondered over their "wasted" years.

And they have regretted their many decisions.

And they have mourned over the many broken homes and relationships.


Some begin to pursue contentment in their lives.

They discover that their wealth doesn't give them everlasting satisfaction.

They discover that their indulgence in pleasures and luxuries doesn't give them everlasting joy.

They discover that their knowledge and wisdom is so minute, so fallible and inadequate to understand the whole human race.

Then they look carefully at those beside them who are chasing after their many dreams.

And they begin to smile mournfully to themselves.

They realize that life is a cycle; what has happened will happen again.

And they drew a long, long sigh....

No one will listen to, not one.

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