Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Visit To A Park

My family and I were having our packed lunch in a reservoir park.

It had been quite a long while since we last visited this reservoir park.

There were few people around.

We had a spacious wooden shed all to ourselves.

My wife and I sat together enjoying our romantic moments.

The children were sporting enough to leave us alone.

The park was indeed beautiful and well worth a visit.

Some visitors were taking a nap on a bench under the tall dense trees.

The lake was calm and pretty.

I loved the peace and serenity I found here.

We ate our lunch slowly.

It tasted especially nice and sweet.

We were smiling together and we had a lot to share that day.

Many wonderful thoughts swam in our heads that day.

Sometimes a change of environment can make a great difference.

Now I understand why some people love to have their wedding in the park.

Now I understand why many families love to have their picnic in the park.

It was so relaxing and a good break from the chasing of life.

But time didn't permit us to stay longer...

We had to send our elder daughter to the airport.

Reluctantly we made our move...

Hugging one another we walked slowly toward our van....


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Parks are a wonderful place to go to think, relax, play and walk. We love going to our nearby park!

Bengbeng said...

It has been at least 25 yrs since I have been there although I do visit Kuching now and then. Still as peaceful and tranquil as always I presume from your pic

Shinade aka Jackie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! The park looks just lovely!!

hitesh rawat said...

yea....this park is good....and finding a nice, beautiful park in the middle of an urban city is such a relief.......aaaahhh....we too have some good parks around here.....wish didn't had to sit there alone.... :)

woo hoo......\,,,/