Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Whistling is the production of sound by means of carefully controlling a stream of air flowing through a small hole.

Whistling can be achieved by creating a small opening with one's lips and then blowing air out of the hole.

Whistling is fun. It is strange to be able to form lips like these, and funny to be able to whistle.

Whistling is fantastic because when we don't know the lyrics of the song, all we need to do is just to whistle the tune!

Some people believe that whistling is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Whistle a happy tune will help to lighten our spirits. Besides, whistling help us to take deep breaths and inhale more oxygen.

Whistling is a skill that many try to achieve but aren't successful. It takes a lot of patience and practice to be good at whistling.

Some people have tried their very best but still unable to do it right. Some whistling are really horrible.

Most children love to whistle. Sometimes we can see them doing it together and giggle.

Whistling can be impolite, annoying and deafening to those who are reading, having a conversation, or doing some serious works.

But whistling can be very soothing after a hard day work when our whole body starts to ache, and especially when we are lying down comfortably on our back.

Some people believe that whistling is good for the soul. People that whistle are generally more happy and feel good about themselves.

Music accompanied by whistling can be wonderful.

I love whistling when I am alone.

How about you?


hitesh rawat said...

i too whistle a lot........while listening music on my ipod or phone......and smtimes don;t even know....when i start whistling....at places were i shouldn't.....like temples

Your Daily Cute said...

Haha. What a fun post! I wish I could whistle... never could, probably never will.

If you put a bagillion dollars in front of my face and told me I could have it if I just whistled, I'd still be broke! :)