Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Celebration

My late mother remembered everybody's birthday in my big family.

No one missed their turn of their birthday celebration except my late mother.

But my late mother was always beaming with smile and satisfaction every time there was a birthday celebration.


We were not rich people and we didn't have a feast during our birthday celebration.

We didn't go to KFC or McDonalds.

We didn't eat out in a restaurant.

But we did have a plate of steamed chicken in the middle of the table.

The birthday child had the first share: one drumstick and 2 red boiled eggs.

And the rest of us would share the rest of the chicken.

The little one might have the spare eggs.

You would be lucky if you could get a big piece of chicken.

And we ate together with a big plate of rice.


We didn't sing Happy Birthday song.

But we were very happy when a birthday celebration was held.

And we looked forward to our own birthday.

Everyone would circle their birthday's date on a calendar hanging on the wall in case my late mother forgot.

My late mother was illiterate.

But she never forgot everyone's birthday.

She never failed to prepare "the birthday feast" for each and everyone of her children, except her own.......


I couldn't remember just when we started to remember my late mother's birthday.

We came together in a restaurant.

Sometimes we took turn to celebrate in one of our own houses.

We gave her presents.

We hugged her and we kissed her.

But her real joy came from the fact that we were part of her big family.

And she would look at everyone in turn and started to recount everyone's birthday.

She never missed anyone's birthday.

She remembered the birthdays of all her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren........

Mum, you were an angel, and you still do.


Emm said...

This is a lovely post! Your mother does truly sound like an angel. I remember people's birthday's too. It's just one of those weird things.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What a wonderful story. I love hearing of different traditions for celebrations. This post brought a tear to my eye. My late Mom was the same way. She would cook and bake anything we wanted for our birthdays. I always loved her pumpkin pies and she made them every year for me. I miss that but have beautiful memories just as you do. thank you for sharing.


This was such a nice ode to your mother. She is indeed an Angel.

Take care

MtnGrl said...

What sweet memories, and written so lovingly. Thank you for sharing.