Friday, July 10, 2009

Decision Making

Decision making is a complex process.

Decision making involves many people. And it is very difficult to please everyone. Selfish decision often brings short-term satisfaction, but rarely will it bring happiness at the end. And in the end of the day, you have more enemies than friends.

Decision making involves careful reasoning and a large measure of conjecture and hypothesis, not just hunches or intuitions. Carefully thought out decision making process takes times and patience, and not many like it and abide by the rules.

Decision making involves many choices. Decision making involves choosing the most appropriate solution to a problem from among a large number of solutions, and it is not easy. It is rewarding if it is the right choice that pleases everyone. It can be hell if the concerned parties don't agree with you.

Decision making involves determining where you want to go (objectives), which road you want to take (alternatives) and what the dangers are.

Decision making is not easy with the rapid change that characterizes our times. The problems we are trying to solve are complicated. Yet solutions abound. And it must be done amid ever-changing factors, unclear information, and conflicting points of view.

But decision making must be carried out early, otherwise it will be harder in the future.

The difference between good and bad decision making often depends on past experience, and sometimes luck.

Bad decision making often brings along a chain of bad decisions.

So the next time you make a decision, be very careful.


ROSILIE said...

I can only prof! I miss teaching a lot.

Salute said...

Absolutely, decision making is not easy.