Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Bad Mood

Smiles and laughter can make your days sparkle with happiness.

But it is not easy to squeeze out a smile when you are not in the mood.

It is equally difficult to laugh when you are always tense and up tight.

It is true that mood plays a major role in our life.

It is also true that we are easily influenced by our situations and circumstances.

But it is important to cheer up our mood in front of aging parents and little children.

It is also important to be friendly and kind to everyone all day long.

Just how do we throw out our bad mood?

Maybe listening to some soothing and relaxing music can help.

Maybe some forms of meditations and exercises can lighten up your day.

Maybe paying someone a visit or do some window shopping can be fun and inspiring.

Maybe taking a trip with nature can fill you with inner peace and joy.

Maybe and a thousand maybes.....

But don't let bad mood take a toll on you.

Don't let bad mood stand between you and your loved one.

Don't let bad mood ruin your day!

Don't let bad mood affect you at all.

A broad and ready smile can cheer up the day.

A healthy and attractive smile can give you an edge when you apply for work or help you in your interactions with others.

A friendly and sincere smile can win friends and influence even the most stubborn and difficult people.

A positive attitude and genuine smile can get you through the toughest time.

So the next time you are in bad mood, put on a nice smile.

It may brighten your day and lighten your heart.

And it can save the world from depression...[sigh]


Salute said...

Good advice for the mood swing syndrome.

Anonymous said...

I am going through the menopause which is really a tough time for any woman but really trying hard with exercise, faith and good food to keep me balanced. Not easy when life has been pretty hard but I am ALWAYS optimistic as I suffered from depression for years and never knew it BUT never took any medication for it but tried to help myself through changing my mindset.

Phoenix2Life said...

Take a deep breath, say hi to the stranger and exercise and some of things which can take you out of bad mood. And of course music plays positive role in getting good mood.

Stay positive and cheerful...