Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speak Up Before It's Too Late

Indecision can cause us to waste a large portion of our life. Indecision can indeed ruin life.

That is what I was told and what I have discovered to be true.

If we have made up our mind to do something, we must not hesitate. Hesitation always leads us to confusion and makes us miss opportunities and chances.

If we have made up our mind to study hard, we must concentrate and focus on our studies.

If we have made up our mind to choose a certain career path, we must put our heart into it and not easily bogged down by failures and discouragements.

If we have made up our mind to win someone's heart, we must be serious in our relationship and pay much attention to each other's presence, feelings, needs and wants, etc.

Many wasted opportunities when we are not ready. Many missed chances when we don't think hard and work smart.

Many heartbreaks when we don't speak up to our beloved. Many regrets when we can't voice out in time. Looking at one other from afar in later years can be really hurting and causing more heartbreak.

If only I were more decisive... If only I were more outspoken... If only I were more straightforward... If only I were more sensitive... If only I were more considerate... Those useless words are the fruits of indecision.

Speak up before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

Especially telling someone you care about ... how you feel!
I'm so glad I was able to tell my mother how much I loved her, the evening she suddenly died.

om nunu said...

Hi friend, you have a creative blogs...I have just follow your blog and i wish you can follow my blog too.
thanks alot..

Salute said...

Hi Friend,
Stop in and there will be a little token for you.