Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seek True Love

I wonder if anyone of us can precisely pinpoint when he or she falls in love.

Some believe in love at first sight. They meet someone for the first time and instantly fall in love. Nothing else matters. No one else matters. They will sacrifice and risk giving up everything just for his or her sake.

Some don't enter into the love affair lightly. They take quite a while before entering the love zone. They desire to be friends and not lovers. They spend much time together to share and to foster better understanding and trust. They only get seriously in love when they perceive that they definitely can make a better life together.

Some dare not venture into the love zone. They just cannot let go of their prejudices and distrust. They just cannot stop criticizing and judging others. No one really meets their standards and expectations. And they just cannot share their lives with anyone, not even their immediate family.

But I believe we should all enter into the love zone. The ability and the readiness to love one another is a gift of God often neglected.

It is a fact that love is often misused and abused. Some just love to take advantages of those who eagerly want to love. To them, love is a possession. They feel that the more they are being loved, their lives will be more satisfying and fulfilling. They play with others' feelings and emotions for a selfish and momentary gain and they cause many heartaches, heartbreaks, and frustrations.

But true love needs not be like that. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, and will be. True love is loving and living with person through ups and downs, good and bad and ugly. True love is one of those rare things that some believe does not exist, while others have lived it and know better.

Some find true love in the person they love. Others sacrifice all their true love for others with no returns.

But that's it. God has given true love to be shared and cherished.

Seek True Love while it can be found.


Sandy said...

Beautifully written, and I couldn't agree more. I experienced this love between my parents, who if Mom were still alive would celebrate 62 years together this August. She left us only recently; but I still that love in my Dad.

Hubby and I will soon celebrate our 37th year of marriage together...and like your post, we were good friends before we dated.

thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon and frequently

shaine said...

Your post remind of something that i regret, a miserable life without love. Too young to realized that I thought I love him.

Now, I'm glad that i finally found my true Love, maybe i can say now that this is a true love because "I can't live without him".

Scraps of life

lilyruth said...
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lilyruth said...

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