Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time To Be Sick

My body feels weak and I am sleepy. And I walk around like zombie.

With the scorching sunshine and the cloudless blue sky, with the heavy workload and the tight schedule, I eventually succumbed to illness and was asked to rest.

I have not been sick for a long while. And I feel very uneasy. Instances like this make me feels miserable and venerable. Life seems to come to a standstill and everything seems so sluggish. Inactivity is okay. But to have everything running so slowly around us is something that I can't tolerate. Oh please, make me get well again and get out of here.

I know I badly need a rest and that is what I intent to do. I really have to recover my health before I send our daughter to the airport and then help her in her registration in a renowned university tomorrow. God willing, we may have a good time together.

My breathing is getting heavy, and my shoulder aches. Frequently I cough though I am no longer feverish. And my lips are still very dry.

Sometimes responsibility outweigh everything, especially to our loved ones.

They are my lot in life and for them I will sacrifice.

Yeah, God willing, we will have a good time.


rainfield61 said...

Your body requests a break after such a long and tedious work, day after day. It is good indeed.
You will be fine later.

gLoR!e said...

I guess its over fatigue that your badly is ordering you to get rest in a while. I hope you'll soon be fine! Take a lot of rest!:)

Salute said...

Take it easy and you will be back to normal very soon. Take care.

lunaticg said...

Wish you will be OK soon. take care.

a49erfangirl said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Have fun with your daughter.

Joe-ann said...

Get well soon! hope you'll be fine.:)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Sorry you were not feeling well, hope you are better by now!

Lulu said...

hope you feel better fast!