Sunday, January 16, 2011

Climbing Up The Stairs

A year ago, as I was walking together with my colleague towards a building, we saw a good friend walking sideways up the stairs, like a crab. We looked at one another, had a good but quiet laugh from behind, thinking we were alright and this would never happen to us.
A month later, I saw my colleague walking up the stairs with the same difficulties; he was suffering terribly from gout in his right ankle.
3 months ago, I realized that I was gasping for breath as I climbed up the stairs; my head was giddy, my knees trembled, and I was sweating profusely. All of a sudden, a bad thought came to my mind: I was just too heavy and too weak to climb up the stairs.
Then, every time I looked up at a steep, narrow and long stairs, I would get panic, sigh and cry; I finally realized that I had problem climbing up the stairs.
I took up long distance walking after that.
I walked on flat surface with comfortable footwear.
I walked on uneven terrain, rocky cobblestones, and pavement.
And I even climbed hills and mountains.
It wasn't easy but no amount of difficulties would cause me to give up.
Oh! I finally walked my first 10,000 steps!
Then, I concentrated on walking and intermittent jogging and running.
I also started jumping up and down the block stairs.
And I even tried to run up a narrow, winding, and long stairs.
It wasn't easy but I didn't want to give up.
Oh! I finally lost my first 15 kg!
Two weeks ago, I had a fall on a slippery track.
I bent my knee inward.
It was a sharp pain.
And I felt painful walking after that.
But I was not going to give up.
It wasn't easy but I must go on.
I want to achieve my first double digit weight!
The best way to lose weight is to exercise,
And to eat healthy and low calories food.
This was what I was told;
And I think I have learn it well.
It wasn't easy.
But nothing is impossible.
Isn't it?
I finally manage to climb up my stairs.


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Stair climbing is good exercise. Sometimes at work I'll just take a walk up and down the stairs--we have a lot! said...

Thanks Karen. Nice to hear from you again.