Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let Nature Runs Its Course

Are you disappointed because people don't appreciate what you have done? Are you dwelling on negative thoughts because they don't even acknowledge your works and efforts? Are you keeping a distance from those who criticize and talk bad about you, despise you and backstab you?

If you are, then please stop doing it. You are acting and behaving like them. And you wouldn't be happy with all the infighting and bickering that have made many people unfruitful and unable to progress in their life.

Life is always interesting, challenging, and fulfilling. There are always things to discover, look into, analyze, and examine. The world is filled with its abundant knowledge and wisdom. Learn to be a wise man!

It is good when people appreciate the things we do; after all, it takes much time and effort to contribute ideas, suggestions and discoveries for the good of the team and organization.

Bu it is the nature of some men not to show their appreciation to others, but desire and beg for attention from others. Selfish people abound and a lot more are coming. How are we to stop them?

I love to do things on my own. I also love to help others when they need me. But I don't volunteer to help if the person has no courtesy and desire to ask.

I don't need appreciation or public remark or acknowledgment; I don't want a feast or a special treat for the services I rendered. A smile or a pat on a shoulder will do. That is what friends are for.

Good friends are hard to find these days. Many around are just friends who would use you, make fun of you, or take advantages of you. As you climb the ladder of recognition and success, you must be careful and learn to avoid them; they are ever ready to overtake you, pull you down and crush you.

Sometimes good friends can turn into the worst enemies too. So be very careful who you befriend and confide in.

Nowadays I am careful and helpful to my true friends. It is no more easy for me to trust many friends. I appreciate friendships and sharing, but I am skeptical about their motives.

Are you feeling hurt because others are using you? Do you plan to use them back? Don't do it or there will be no end to bickering and whining. Suffice to say stay away from them and enjoy what you are doing.

I enjoy reading and meditating on the nature; nature always provides its many solutions to many things. I agree to let nature runs its course.

So, are you still angry?

Don't. Be still and let nature runs its course.

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