Sunday, January 2, 2011

Regarding Your Relationship

It was the second day of New Year 2011.
What have you done thus far with your relationship?
Some people believe in starting a new year with good sayings and good doings to fellow human beings . Avoid all the bad word and all the bad acts, and you will be okay. What do you think?
Some people believe a good start can bring along good fortune and open up unexpected opportunities. Do you believe in that?
I always believe a cheerful smile will do miracles; so is a little help here and there.
And I believe we should do it everyday, and not just at the beginning of every year!
It is not difficult to greet one another and show respect to one another.
And the more you do, the more you will be surprised at the fellowship and relationship you have made and cultivated.
I love people with a ready smile; it always brings positive influences to our work and personal relationship. Imagine people come near you with a sick and sad face. I believe it wouldn't take you long before you say goodbye and hurry away. lol
There is no dominant position and role in relationship. It is like saying you can't clap with one single. Relationship is built on mutual consent, respect and understanding. And it is always built upon trust, honesty and good faith.
Now, we must not take relationships for granted. People just don't come near to you because you say so or you want it to be. Try to do it to children and you will see for yourself how they will run and cry and scream.
I believe everyone must have a share in every relationship; relationship must never be one sided, with the sole aim to please oneself, and to oppress others.
Sometimes we wonder why certain people can make many friends wherever they go, while others lose all their friends the moment they lose the position. But it is never a surprise to me because I know they are building their dream castle on shifting sand; the moment the rain and the storm come, all will be no more!
Some people make friends, have more good friends and draw even more best friends. They are full of love and fun, and you seldom see them alone dreaming and mourning.
Good relationships are never easy to build. But if you happen to find someones who have become your very good friends, you are truly blessed.
Never try to reject friends; you never know what you have lost until it is too late.
A new year always comes with a new beginning.
And it is only the second day of a great New Year.
What have you done with your relationship?
Are you still alone and lonely?
Are you still waiting for someone to come near you?
Wait no more.... but make more friends.
A ardent smile, a gentle and honest look, a thoughtful and considerate act etc are all you need.
It is Year 2011.
Have you a positive outlook for your relationship?
It's time to consider.... to consider....


Julie from Momspective said...

This is a beautiful and insprational post, thanks! said...

Thanks Julie. Welcome aboard.

bbtoo said...

loved reading your article said...

Thanks, bbtoo. Thank you for hearing my ranting and raving. lol