Monday, January 14, 2013

Godly Or Hypocrite

Can papyrus grow tall where there is no marsh?
Can reeds thrive without water?
- Job 8:11 -

The papyrus is spongy and hollow.

So is a hypocrite.There is no substance and stability in him.

The papyrus is shaken to and fro in every wind.

So is a hypocrite. He yields to every influence.

The papyrus is not broken by the tempest.

So is a hypocrite. He is not troubled by persecution.

The papyrus by nature lives in water.

It owes its very existence to the marsh and moisture where it has taken root.

If the marsh become dry, the papyrus will wither very quickly.

Its greenness is absolutely dependent upon circumstances.

A present abundance of water will make it flourish.

A drought will destroy it at once.

Is this our case?

Do we serve God only when we are in good company or only when we are blessed?

The papyrus cannot grow without the marsh.

But the plants of the Lord can and do flourish even in the year of drought.

A godly man grows best when his worldly circumstances decay.

Let us find our lives in God, and not in the marsh of this world's favor or gain.

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