Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Can I Look More Confident

Some teachers walk around the school with an air of confidence. They are well-respected by the students. And their fellow teachers and other non-teaching staffs speak highly of them. Whatever they say or do, they will pay special attention.

What is the secret of their confidence?

Some say it is the way they behave. They are always friendly and kind. They are patient and not easily provoked. They look optimistic and enthusiastic. They stay energetic and focused. And they are always loving and helpful.

Some say it is the way they look. They look directly into the eyes to show their enthusiasm. They don't shy away and they don't appear arrogant. They appear to believe the things you say.

Some say it is the way they sit. They sit straight, comfortably touching the back of the chair. They sit facing the person they are talking to. They listen silently and show interest in what they hear. They lean slightly forward when they want to stress some important points.

Some say it is the way they express themselves. They tilt their head slightly to show their interest. They nod their head to show that they are listening.

Some say it is their gesture. They place their hands nicely on armrest or their laps when they sit. They hold their hands behind their back when they stand. Sometimes they gesture with their hands to stress a certain point. They don't scratch their head when they are unsure. They don't tap their fingers or bite their nails when they are anxious. And they don't run their fingers through the hair when they are frustrated.

Some say it is because of their experiences. They have learned how to dress up. They know how to smell good with deodorant and perfume. They know the importance of using comfortable footwear. And they can adapt to their surroundings easily.

But to me, the answer is always our willingness to learn.

What do you think?

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Cacai_Nad said...

Yeah, that's true Sir. The willingness to learn and an accomplished learner or knowleadgeable from learning that one could be confident with her or himself. And this applies to me. Thanks for the good articles you have Sir- this makes me featured you in EC as one of my favorite blog in this blogosphere we have. Check it out and may this will let you continue and inspire to write more articles that enriches people as well as students life like me. Kudos to teachers like you. God is with you all the time.