Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Bad To Be a Teacher, huh

Some of us desire to live a rich and satisfying life. Some love to help and want to find a meaningful career where they can serve. And some just cannot let a day passes without some fun and entertainment. Now, if you are seriously considering a proper career, I would suggest you take up teaching. LOL.

Teaching is fun and fulfilling. Through teaching
  • We can share the knowledge and wisdom we have learned. We can also continue to further our study and be a master of our own trade.
  • We can live in peace and harmony with others, where love, joy and hope abound. There is less grumbling and disputing spirit here. Everyone is putting up a nice and cheerful face, and walk and dance elegantly.
  • We become well-organized, living a comfortable and a settled lifestyle, and manage everything well.
And teaching is satisfying. Through teaching,
  • We can live in tune with our nature. We can enjoy the clean air, and the refreshing, peaceful, and well-balanced environment. Here we can spend time thinking, pondering, meditating, and managing all our plans and decisions.
  • We can work freely on our own with minimum supervision and interference from our bosses and supervisors. We can work on a variety of approach based on our creativity and logical thinking.
  • We can feel a sense of accomplishment in everything we do. Our every endeavor is gearing toward the benefits of all. And the fact that our achievements are recognized and well received by the local communities make us well respected everywhere we go.
  • We can show good examples to others, especially to our children and students.
Teaching is meaningful. Through teaching,
  • We can spread the rich knowledge of the world.
  • We can instill in our younger generation the basic needs to survive.
  • We can work on their knowledge, and their thinking and learning skills.
  • And we can bring up a generation of people who apprepriate God and their surroundings.
If you haven’t noticed yet, most teachers are contented with their lives.
  • They are contented with their reasonable salary. They can still live a rich and comfortable life.
  • They are contented with the nature of their work. They can spend quality time with their family.
  • They are contented with their family. Somehow their children love to read, and strive to excel in their study. And their spouse is happy too, knowing that he or she is always around.
Not bad, huh, to be a teacher.

I think I will enjoy teaching for yet another few years more.

Will you care to join me?


ROSILIE said...

Teaching is a very fulfilling and demanding career. I have been one for over a decade and still loving it. It is a blessing to find this job wishes to you!

The Fearless Blog said...

I agree with much of what you said.

If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life.-Mark Twain

For now, I can't imagine doing anything else with my life...except writing professionally of course.

Salute said...

Teaching is very important for our younger generation. Nowadays to be a teacher you must love what you do. No better way to enrich the lives of so many.