Friday, February 27, 2009

Children, You Have Lost Your Dreams

Children, remember your dreams?
  • If only I am bigger and stronger, I will not let anyone bully me, my family and my friends.
  • If only I am richer, I will buy everything I desire, including properties, love and power.
  • If only I am cleverer, I will study hard and score excellent results in any and every examination.
  • If only I have more time, I will do more for my life, my family and my friends.
  • If only I am more famous, I will want everyone to respect me and honor me, my family and my friends.

Now that you have grown up and are ready,
  • You are bigger and stronger now, are you keeping watch and protecting yourself, your family and your friends? Or are you bringing harm to yourself and others?
  • You are richer now, do you provide for yourself and others? Or are you wasting your life away?
  • You are cleverer now, are you excellent learners and high achievers? Or are you lazy and not giving a damn about your future?
  • You can manage your time now, are you pathing your way to succeed? Or are you wasting much time dreaming, playing, sleeping, and simply doing nothing?
  • You are more famous now, both in school and the local communities, are you honorable and respectable among your family, your friends and the people around? Or are you trouble-makers, disrupting and destroying the peace and harmony of the people?
As it is, year after year, your parents try their best to provide for you, your teachers try their best to educate you, and everyone has high regard for you and assist you, anticipating what you can contribute to the world we live. Do you see what we see? Have you treasured the time and effort we have spent for you?

As it is, many of us are frustrated and disheartened to behold the younger generation today. They lack the desires and inclination to grow bigger, stronger, richer, and cleverer. They waste much time detrimenting their health and degrading their quality of life. They are no more the innocent boys and girls that we know. They are no longer the honorable and respectable future generation that we yearn for.

Children, when and where and how have you lost your dreams?

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ROSILIE said...

It is discouraging to see the young wasted by valuing more their stature, friends, vices and other things.

The environment though can be blamed too. It is up to the parents, school, and government who shall ensure that their environment is safe and empowering.

As a teacher, I impart values as much as my lessons. THese are seemed to be ignored nowadays.