Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daring The Rain

It was raining heavily this morning.

The wind was strong, sending a cold shiver shooting through me.

But the sky was clear and there was a beautiful rainbow.

A clear weather after the rain was expected.

And that is what I like to start my day.

I was gazing at my two pots of bunga kertas (bougainvillea) while waiting for my youngest daughter to get ready for school.

The two pots of flowers have been sitting there in the middle of the front gate for many years. One is pink in color and the other is white. But now they are all mixed, giving many shades of pink and white. And they look very elegant, cheerful, and charming in the rain.

Many flowers and leaves have dried and dropped every day.

The stalks and stems have become hardened, withstanding different weather conditions.

I love the thrill of dancing in the rain, I smiled.

It is not easy to stay strong, optimistic, lively, and ever ready when condition worsened.

But there it is, a living example standing in front of me.

Life is full of its examples to help us enjoy, face and challenge the uncertainties in life.

There is no use grumbling and groaning habitually.

It is better to treat each new day as a fresh challenge.

Come anytime, I am ready.