Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Church Elder Must Be Blameless

Titus 1:6a (NKJV)

After the introduction, Paul began to instruct Titus.


Paul first directive to Titus was to appoint elders.


Titus was to approach the matter prayerfully.

He was to examine these men's lives carefully.

There are attributes that are essential for a Church elder to possess.


The first attribute : Church elder must be blameless (1:6a)

Every Church elder must be above reproach in his behavior and his life.


Every Church elder must constantly examine himself to make sure that he is above reproach and blameless.


This doesn't mean that Church elder will never do wrong or that he will never be accused.


There are some keys for a Church elder to live above reproach and be blameless:

Church elder must live uprightly.

He must be straightforward and honest.

He must be clear and sincere.

Church elder must fear God.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Church elder must turn away from evil.

When a Church elder turn away from evil, he turns towards a much happier life.

It is so much more peaceful.

He does not have to worry about who will find out about his sin.

He does not have to worry about what will be exposed.


A Church elder must be blameless.

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