Monday, December 5, 2011

Eternal Life

Mark 10:17-22

A young man came to the Lord Jesus.

He heard the way of salvation.

But he left as lost as he came.


This man was rich.

Anything he wanted was well within his reach.


This man lived a clean and moral life.


But his money and morality couldn’t satisfy the deepest longing of his soul.

He wanted most of all the peace with God before he died.

He wanted eternal life.


This man wanted a saving relationship with the Almighty God.

He wanted to do something about it.

He ran to the Lord Jesus; it was urgent.

He fell on his knees before the Lord Jesus Christ; the Lord Jesus Christ was special.

He came while Jesus was in the way; he was not ashamed to admit he had a spiritual need.

He wanted to know how he might inherit eternal life.


This man was confused.

He thought salvation could be earned.

He thought salvation was a reward.

He thought if he could do enough good things, God would give him eternal life as a reward.


This man called the Lord Jesus “Good teacher”.

He didn’t know that the Lord Jesus is God.

He is God in the flesh!

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

He is the only hope we have of salvation.


The Lord Jesus gave him a list of commands to get him see that he was a sinner.

The Lord Jesus wanted him to be honest about his spiritual condition.

The Lord Jesus wanted him to see that he was morally and spiritually bankrupt.

He was a sinner in need of a Savior.


This man responded to the challenge by telling the Lord Jesus that he had kept all those commandments since his youth.

The Lord Jesus looked at him; He loved him.

He didn’t rebuke him for his claim.


The Lord Jesus told him in very clear terms how he was to be saved.

The Lord Jesus told him “One thing you lack.”

This man needed to get rid of his wealth and his self.

He was to sell what he had and gave it all away.


We can never be saved until we are willing to lay down everything we own to the Lord Jesus.


Next, the Lord Jesus called him to totally commit his life to Him.


When this man heard the Lord’s demands, he was sad.


He wanted salvation.

But he wanted it on his terms.

He wanted to keep all he had.


This man chose his possessions over the Lord Jesus!

He loved his money more than he wanted to be saved.


Let us examine our faith today.

What do we trust to give us eternal life?


We are to lay down everything to follow the Lord Jesus.


Without Him, we are lost, doomed and headed to Hell.

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