Monday, June 11, 2012

Walk By Faith

Numbers 13:26–14:12

By nature we are sight-walkers, not faith-walkers.

We tend to have confidence in what we can see and know.


The Israelites feared what was unseen and unknown, even though success had already been promised to them.

The whole nation, apart from Joshua and Caleb, refused to journey toward the Promised Land because they were intimidated and afraid.


Not only did the Israelites not go forward, they wanted to return to Egypt, the place where they had been enslaved.


We sometimes idealize our past and want to go back because we fear the future.

But that isn’t faith.


God is always calling us forward.

He is always assuring us that He is with us for our good.

Let's Walk by Faith.

Don't Walk by Sight!

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bing said...

as it is said, faith is believing in the unseen. some people misconstrue the very meaning of the word, or perhaps they interpret it according to what they want.