Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happiness Affects Others

An old man walked slowly into a restaurant. His torn jacket, patched trousers, worn out shoes, and warm personality made him stand out from the crowd.

He stopped and looked around. A young waitress named Gloria watched him shuffle toward a table by the window.

Gloria ran over to him, and said, "Here, Sir. Let me give you a hand."

Without saying a word, he smiled and nodded a thank you. She pulled the chair away from the table. Steadying him with one arm, she helped him move in front of the chair, and get comfortably seated.

In a soft and clear voice he said, "Thank you, Miss. And bless you for your kind gestures."

"You're welcome, Sir." She replied. "And my name is Gloria. I'll be back in a moment, and if you need anything at all in the meantime, just wave at me!"

After he had finished a hearty meal, Gloria brought him the change from his ticket. She then helped him up from his chair, and out from behind the table. She handed him his cane, and walked with him to the front door.

Holding the door open for him, she said, "Come back and see us again, Sir!"

He turned with his whole body, winked a smile, and nodded a thank you. "You are very kind." he said softly.

When Gloria went to clean his table, she almost fainted. Under his plate she found a business card and a note scribbled on a napkin. Under the napkin was a one hundred dollar bill.

The note on the napkin read...

"Dear Gloria, I respect you very much, since you respect yourself. It shows by the way you treat others. You have found the secret of happiness. Your kind gestures will shine through those who meet you."

The man was the owner of the restaurant. This was the first time that she, or any of his employees had ever seen him in person.


Jena Isle said...

Wow, that was an amazing story. Indeed, goodness of heart is what makes one a true person. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. The money is nice, but just knowing that because she so easily gives it touched someone else - that's the best.


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

That is an awesome story! Very nice owner too!