Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Same School Gate

This is my school gate standing strong for more than 45 years. Driving through it always brings me some fresh memories about the many who have passed through it before...
  • Some have achieved good academic results and are now pursuing higher studies both locally and abroad. Others have joined the job market with low or reasonable pay. Still others have got married and are blessed with many children.
  • Some have become prominent political leaders and are serving their communities. Some are leaders of various social groups. Still others remain loyal followers and supporters forever.
  • Some have joined the police forces or the military forces, serving the nation against enemies within and without. Others become law-abiding citizens. Still others become crooks and liars, cheating, robbing or looting others' properties and disrupting the peace and harmony of the people.
  • Some have trained themselves to be teachers and are now active serving in schools and universities, molding and shaping the younger generation.
  • Some are living strong and healthy in their old age, playing important roles in the society or have partially retired and rested. Others have left the world a long while ago.
  • Some have attempted to have reunion where lots and lots of stories are told, where joy and laughter filled the hall and where tears flow like a broken dam. Yet there are also others who never stop grumbling on their misfortune and often ended up condemning all others.
The same school gate is still standing strong today, though many generations of people have passed through it. It will continue to serve many generations of people. But the sad fact is that not many realize that it is how you learn in the school that makes a different; it is not the school itself.

I stop my van and smile, I shrug and I sigh... with tears dwell in my eyes.

The same school gate still opens today...

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