Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life Could Be Better

Many years ago, they told me that SWOT analysis could improve my performance and made my life better. I looked at them in disbelief. Nevertheless, I learned the theory and put it into practice in many given situations. It was only years later that I gave it a serious thought on how it could improve my life.


They said I must look into myself to realize my strengths. Only then could I know what I was good at and capable of. I spent time thinking and analyzing. Finally I realized that there were indeed many things that I could do, certain things that I was actually good at, and a few things that I had specialized over the years.

If only I had listed them down earlier and put them into practice, I would have learned, improved and perfected my talents and skills, and had a better life today. As it was, I had much to regret and much to be ashamed of.

Life was a journey of discovery. Some had found out early what they could do. They had done what was required of them ever since, and they were now enjoying the fruits of their labor. Others were indifferent and couldn’t care less about what they knew and did. They had neglected their talents and didn’t realize their full potential, and were now eating their humble pie.

If only we had realized our strengths, life could and would be better.


They said I must look inside me to realize my weaknesses. Only then could I learn my inabilities and disabilities. I spent moments contemplating and reflecting. Eventually I realized that there were indeed many things that I actually didn’t know much, certain things that I had pretended to know all the while, and a few things that I was really very hopeless and downright useless.

If only I had realized my inabilities and disabilities earlier, I would have learned them well from others, or passed them on to those who specialized. Only then could I enjoy a more rewarding life. As it was, I had much to repent and much to amend.

Life was a journey of reflection. Some had reflected and admitted their inabilities and disabilities earlier. They had sought helps from others ever since, and had made headway in their lives. Others continued to make all kinds of excuses, tell all sorts of lies, and commit all types of mistakes, making a mess of their lives.

If only we had reflected on our weaknesses, life could and would be happier.


They said I must keep a lookout for opportunities. Only then could I utilize my talents and skills, and use my full potential. Only then could I keep abreast with the latest developments, stay ahead of the competitions, and maintain the market leadership.

Finally I got out of my nutshell, and had my eyes wide opened to a whole new world. No more self-praising or self-elevating. No more contented with the title “local hero” or “king of the jungle”. No, no. More is to know, more is to explore and more to conquer.

Life was a journey of exploration. It was time to fly and soar up to the sky. It is time to spread the wings and expand the learning, all through the day till nightfall.

If only we had explored our opportunities, life could and would be richer.


They say I must watch out for threats. There were always dangers lurking around the corners, dark places and shadows. They were waiting eagerly, and were ready to pound and crush me anytime, anywhere.

So I learned to avoid dangers, extra careful when facing pitfalls and traps, and always resolved to get away as soon as I could. Yes, yes. I must be careful and make my life safer.

Life was a journey of deliberation. Some had walked carefully and slowly on solid ground, avoiding every risk and danger along the way. Some had carelessly sped through their lives without even a thought.

If only we had deliberated every step we took, life could and would be safer.


And so I had learned,

Life was a journey of learning and change.

Life was a journey of meditation and contemplation.

Life was a journey of exploration and discovery.

Life was a journey of friendship and cooperation.

And life was a journey of realizing what we had and what we didn’t have.

There was still so much to learn.

But one thing I already knew and had already believed,

Yes, yes. Life could be better.

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