Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Threatening Rain

It was windy and rainy outside.

The drain in front of the house was almost full, so was the drain behind.

It had been thundering and raining heavily for almost half an hour.

The thunder roars were deafening and the frequent lightning flashes were blinding.

The sound of rain hitting the roof and the road was getting noisier. And the wind pounding mercilessly on the doors and windows was becoming scarier.

It was a rainstorm and it was here to stay, I sighed.

I was enjoying a Shaolin movie from the TV. I love the whole kungfu stunts and the jokes cracked. It was a story about a dyeing shop owner ill-treating his workers by cutting down their pay, and subsequently beating them up with a bunch of bullies. Of course, the story proceeded with the learning of martial art in Shaolin temple and then the revenge and the happy ending.

I watched uneasily as I was afraid of the lightning strike.

Then there was a blackout.

Immediately I pulled out all the plugs and wires from the wall.

Then came the long sequence of ripping and roaring of thunder sounds, and the huge white flashes of lightning in front of the house.

It was a blackout for 20 minutes, and the living room was dark and cold.

I looked out my front sliding door, contemplating those who were working outdoor this very hour.

It will not be easy to work in the rain, but the work must go on. They need the money and they must get it quickly........ The construction worker must have said the same to himself as he pushed the wheelbarrow passed my house.

The rain subsided half an hour later, probably because of the prayers of the workers and many others.

Then there came a rainbow above the horizon, bringing hope and promise again for the future.

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editor said...

very interesting article.prayer is a weapon of a believer.